Answer to Previous: okay, maybe that last one wasn't fair (some of you seem to know something about that photo others don't :}….Here's the answer from Jacob Drucker:

This bird is uniformly dark, and obviously a waterbird. Its proportions are anything but duck-like. The feet don't project beyond the tail, and aren't huge, and the long wings rule out coot. This leaves Charadriiformes (shorebirds, gulls, etc.). Looking at range maps, the only dark Charadriids in Washington are Heerman's Gull and Black Oystercatcher. Wandering Tattler can look dark above, but the under parts on this bird are clearly dark as well. The uniform darkness, long thin wings, and visibly rounded head shape reveal the bird to be a Black Oystercatcher. Taken late July, Washington


Mystery Bird
Photo Courtesy of Andy Bankert