North American Birds is the longstanding journal of ornithological record for birders all across North America, from Alaska and Greenland to Panama and the West Indies. The journal’s mission has been to provide an overview of the changing panorama of the continent’s birdlife—that is, avian status and distribution. More recently, the journal’s scope has expanded to include taxonomy, nomenclature, and identification, making North American Birds a journal of more general North American field ornithology.

Until recently, regional reports, which highlight noteworthy bird records in sub-regions of the continent, made up the bulk of the printed magazine. However, starting with 2016 data, these reports are now being housed online. This has distinct advantages over the old system: Regional reports can now appear lightning-fast rather than with a delay of many months, they can now be easily searched, and they can now feature more photos, as space on the printed page is no longer a concern. Read more about the regional reports here.

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First Red-flanked Bluetail in the Eastern ABA Area

December 12th, 2023|

A Red-flanked Bluetail was a stunning find in Whiting, New Jersey in early December 2023. The bird’s discovery has attracted hundreds of birders from all over the East Coast and beyond. Patient observers were rewarded with quick views of the hyperactive little Old World flycatcher in bluebird drag as she flitted around low to the ground and bobbed her tail.

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A network of the continent’s preeminent field ornithologists works tirelessly to collect and present noteworthy bird sightings in the online Regional Reports.

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