Previously published as part of Bird Lore, Audubon Field Notes, and later American Birds, American Birding Association now produces North American Birds (formerly as Field Notes), the ‘journal of record’ for birders. The mission of the journal is to provide a complete overview of the changing panorama of North America’s birdlife, including outstanding records, range extensions and contractions, population dynamics, and changes in migration patterns or seasonal occurrence.

What does North American Birds bring you?

Thirty-four regional reports, organized in taxonomic order and produced by some of North America’s top birders, make up the bulk of every issue. You’ll find a comprehensive summary of an entire season in each issue, and discover whether migration was early or late, and for which species the nesting season was successful. You’ll learn which irruptive species invaded and where, which species expanded their ranges, and which were in decline. Learn where the rarest birds were found, and use this information to plan your next birding trip.

Articles on outstanding bird records augment the regional reports and North American Birds now includes color photos of the most interesting birds of the season in the “Pictorial Highlights” section. North American Birds also publishes reviews of major distribution patterns, and other topics that are linked to the regional reports.

Your subscription to North American Birds plugs you directly into the local and the continental birding scene. You’ll learn about interesting birds that have been recorded in regions that interest you, learn how to contribute to the North American record and a whole lot more. In supporting articles, leading experts put the sightings in a broader context that includes range and population changes, and changes in migration patterns and seasonal occurrence.

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The North American Birds Regional Network

The North American Birds regional network represents the tip of an iceberg whose main mass consists of North America’s largest, widest and best-established networks of field birders. The network extends to regional editors, subregional editors and then to many thousands of local field birders.

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Please Note: The Audubon Christmas Bird Count, formerly published as part of Field Notes, remains a project of the National Audubon Society. For information on the CBC please visit the Christmas Bird Count website or Audubon’s website.