Meet the Student Blog Editors of The Eyrie: Sarah Toner

In the two years since I took over the management of The Eyrie, I have been helped by a stellar team of young birders–the Student Blog Editors.

In the two years since I took over the management of The Eyrie, I have been helped by a stellar team of young birders–the Student Blog Editors. Sarah Toner, Alexandria Simpson, Eamon Corbett, John Shamgochian, and Tristan Weinbrenner have been an essential part of the blog, doing everything from writing many of the excellent posts you read on these pages to recruiting posts from other young birders. After two years, we've made a few changes to the editorial team, and over the next week I'm thrilled to share with you the new team of Student Blog Editors for The Eyrie, as well as our new Featured Bloggers, whose work will be appearing on The Eyrie in the coming year. (And, of course, if you are intersted in writing for The Eyrie, feel free to contact me (jduberstein at aba dot org) or any of the Student Blog Editors.)

–Jennie Duberstein

Student Blog Editor Sarah Toner

Hello! My name is Sarah Toner. I’m 16 years old, and I have been birding for over eight years, ever since I decided to try to identify a local hawk and discovered the wonderfully varied lives of birds.

I’m from Ann Arbor, Michigan, but I’ve traveled to many spots around the country looking for birds and other cool things in nature. These wonderful experiences have been to Arizona, Florida, Maine, Colorado, and many other places in between. While I love traveling to all places, I particularly enjoy spending time in northern Michigan, where I can see some of my favorite northern birds such as Clay-colored Sparrows, Rough-legged Hawks, and Boreal Chickadees.

I’m interested in bird banding, photography, and illustration, but my strongest skill is my writing. I love good writing and literature, particularly related to the natural world, natural history, or history. I’ve won the Writing Division of the Young Birder of the Year contest twice, and I enjoy writing about birds and birders.

I’m currently working on starting the Michigan Young Birders Club for young birders in my home state. I usually go to school in Ann Arbor, but last semester I attended a semester school Wisconsin called the Conserve School. Conserve is a school for high schoolers interested in the natural world to learn about environmental stewardship. At Conserve, I introduced several teenagers to birding, and we had lots of adventures there. I hope to inspire more teenagers to explore the natural world, and I aspire to become a bird bander to document populations and discover new aspects of bird biology.

I’ve been a Student Blog Editor for two years, and I look forward to sharing more stories and connecting more young birders on the Eyrie!