Jacob Gorneau is an avid 15-year-old naturalist with a passion for birds and insects. He is a Ranger at Project Noah, where he is known as Jakubko or “J.” At Project Noah, he has suggested identifications for over 2,500 organisms and has submitted data points for almost 2,500 organisms. He is also a regular blog contributor to Project Noah. Jacob credits his love for nature with being raised in a rural area. He says, “Each day was, and still is, a new adventure, a new lesson to respect and to document the natural world.” Jacob especially loves finding species he has never seen before. He is interested in the various bird families and the relationship they have between each other. He hopes to educate readers of The Eyrie about species which appear common in some areas, but are in reality losing their habitats due to human actions. He has been birding in many preserves and parks in New York, as well as in Ohio, Michigan, and Maine, among others. In the future, Jacob wishes to travel to the tropics to document species threatened with habitat loss. Jacob thinks if people can be educated of the importance of species in such areas, they will be more willing to advocate for the environment.