Hello readership of The Eyrie! I am Aidan Place and I am one of the new Featured Bloggers that will now be writing for this blog. My love of birds dates back a very long time. This hobby (wait, make that obsession) really started when I was born. Some of my earliest memories are about birds, and animals in general (I still remember that the first bird name I was able to say was “towhee”). I actually knew quite a lot about animals then (for a kid, that is) but most people figured it would just be a passing thing that I would lose interest in when I got older. They were very wrong. However, I wasn’t really specifically interested in birds for a long time. I was just a general nature enthusiast, with birds being a side thing. That changed four years or so ago with a Hooded Warbler I saw on my family’s farm in southwestern Pennsylvania. Needless to say, that bird changed my life and turned me into the person I am today. Ever since that first Hooded Warbler, I have been fanatically birding and enjoying the magnificent world of the class Aves.
What do I think I can bring to this already fantastic blog? Well, I already have my own personal birding blog (; totally self-promotion, I know) so I have a bit of experience writing about birds in a blog-style format. Also, I hope that through my writing here I can inspire more young people to go birding more and to get outside and smell the roses (or see the birds as the case may be).