Using Listing Central

View this video for a rundown of the new features in Listing Central 3.0, and how to use them.

Listing Central Tech Support

If you are having difficulty logging in, or editing your Listing Central entries, please use this form to contact tech support.

90% of the time the issue is either a lapsed membership (only current ABA members can use Listing Central), or a mismatched email address in our member database.

Note: We have moved to a new CRM (customer relations management) system effective December 20, 2019. Even if you have had a member account set up with us, you will need to re-establish a username and password with the new system. You can do so by clicking THIS LINK. An email will be sent to you, with a link to set up your login name and password, and you may use the same user name and password from our old system, if you wish.