Kenya offers some of the most thrilling birding and wildlife viewing experiences anywhere on Earth. The mammals and scenery are iconic and thrilling, and the birds are abundant and tend to be large, colorful, and perhaps best of all, easy to see and photograph! That’s all before we even talk about the amazing, transformative experience of visiting East Africa, the cradle of humanity itself.

This specially crafted 11-day Kenya tour focuses on three of the best locations in the country for both birdwatching and game viewing. In the arid scrub near Samburu, we’ll enjoy many fabulous species that are local and often missed on typical safari routes, likely including the otherworldly Gerenuk, gorgeous Reticulated Giraffe, incandescent Golden-bellied Starling, and extraordinary Vulturine Guineafowl. Next, we’ll visit the wonderful Rift Valley lake of Nakuru where waterfowl and acacia woodland species abound, from glowing flamingos to bizarre helmetshrikes to glittering sunbirds. We have excellent chances at finding both White and Black rhinoceroses here. Finally, we bird our way through arguably the most famous game reserve in the world, the magnificent Maasai Mara, which features seemingly everything! And of course, you can extend your experience before or after the main safari.Join us for what promises to be an extraordinary ABA Safari in partnership with Rockjumper Worldwide Birding Adventures!


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American Birding Association

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When: February 5-15, 2022

How Much: $5,750.00

Single Supplement: $650.00