Compiled by Sarah Toner

It’s January! Everyone’s year lists were reset to zero, and we had a whole month to try to get them to their previous size again! I’m currently at 66, but I haven’t been out of my semi-frozen home county this year. According to eBird, someone has already seen 266 birds this month. Time to get birding! –ST

This was technically posted in December, but I can’t resist this wonderful video from Earthbird's Blog:
It's Christmas Eve and for some reason I'm cleaning out old files on my computer. However, I came across this timelapse painting I made some years ago — must have been during the holidays, because I put it to Tchaikovsky's Russian Dance. Kinda quirky, but hopefully it'll put you in the holiday spirit too. 🙂

At Such-n-Such Bird Blog, Marcel Such describes his first of year birds:
Another Great Horned joined the first, and soon we were able to distinguish four owls calling out somewhere in the dark – two males and two females.  Though rather difficult to sex a single bird by call alone, being able to hear them together makes the lower-pitched call of the male easily identifiable.

Late January is great for ducks and gulls, and Ali Iyoob found a jackpot:
Well, it’s been a pretty crazy week for the triangle, as there seems to be a huge ocean bird influx. Already, over 15 Long-tailed Ducks have been seen, plus White-winged and Black Scoter. But when I birded Falls Dam today, and was shocked to find over 5000 gulls on the lake.

Kyle Kittelberger at Birding with Kyle sees a daydreaming goose:
On December 19, during the Durham CBC, Brian Bockhahn found a Greater White-fronted Goose on a pond with many Canada Geese. Being only 25 minutes away from me, I quickly drove over to the goose.

Neil Gilbert at ObsessiveCompulsive Birding (and past-manager of The Eyrie) lands a dream job:
No, it wasn't a dream! I really do have a job wandering around outside looking at birds! I worked another shift Monday morning and once again thoroughly enjoyed myself.