*Eamon is one of the new Student Blog Editors for The Eyrie.

EamonspainEamon Corbett

Hi, I’m Eamon Corbett, a 15-year-old birder and bird blogger from Pelham, New York, and one of the new Student Blog Editors of The Eyrie. I have been birding for almost as long as I could talk, thanks in part to regular family vacations to Florida, where Osprey and Turkey Vultures first caught my eye. As is the case for many young birders, my childhood interest evolved into a passion (or obsession, depending on your point of view) at around the age of ten, when I began keeping a life list and realized that there was a larger birding community.

Since then I have been birding constantly, mostly in the northeastern U.S, but also in Florida, Wyoming, Costa Rica, and, a few weeks ago, Paris and Spain. While in Europe I snuck enough birding time into a family vacation (“I heard about this great spot up in the mountains, and it’s supposed to have incredible views and beautiful scenery. Well, yes, there are probably some birds up there, but that’s certainly not my main reason for wanting to go …”) to see most of the common and some of the less common European birds, including Griffon Vulture, White-throated Dipper, and my 500th life bird, Egyptian Vulture. Incidentally, as favorite birds go, those three are near the top of my list, along with some other foreigners (motmots, potoos) and the more familiar Northern Gannet, that elegant, long-winged, ghostly pale plunge-diver of the North Atlantic.

I have been active in both the New York State Young Birders’ Club and the Connecticut Young Birders’ Club since their founding. I am currently the vice-president of the New York club. Membership in these clubs has opened up many new birding opportunities for me, including monthly field trips, such as one to the top of the Empire State Building at night to watch songbird migration last fall. Also, for the past two and a half years, I have regularly posted to my personal birding blog, Flight Log (www.birdersflightlog.blogspot.com).

I am very excited to be part of The Eyrie. With our new team of student blog editors, I feel that we can improve on an already great blog, and become the go-to young birder blog on the Internet.