Indiana Young Birders 100 Guide Giveaway

The Indiana Young Birders Club (IYBC) knows how important it is to get field guides into the hands of young birders, nature lovers, and educators. Thanks to the generosity…

By Chad Williams

100 IYBC Giveaway Fancy Logo 4I can remember how excited I was when I turned the pages of my first field guide! I knew there were a lot of birds out there and I knew that there were a lot of different birds out there, but I didn’t know there were THAT MANY! I also didn’t know that they came in so many shapes and sizes! At that very moment I realized I had to learn as much as I could about as many birds as I could and then find a way to go see them–in real life. 

It’s been many years since my first Peterson’s Guide but still today I am not sure the sun has ever set before I have opened one of my guides. Whether I’m using a guide to identify a specific bird or simply using it to fantasize about my next adventure, my field guides are my best companions and are my personal gateway to the world, a world I would have never known existed had I not been introduced to a field guide when I was young. 

The Indiana Young Birders Club (IYBC) knows how important it is to get field guides into the hands of young birders, nature lovers, and educators. Thanks to the generosity of the Indiana Audubon Society, Inc., Ohio Ornithological Society, Midwest Birding Symposium, and Kenn and Kim Kaufman, we are excited to be giving away 100 Kaufman Field Guides to Birds of North America! Guides will be given away throughout 2012 via contests, IYBC programs, and through online essay submissions. The only thing the IYBC wants in exchange is a picture of each winner with his or her new guide to help us promote the enthusiasm of youth birding. That’s it! 

We all are responsible for protecting the future of our birds and in 2012 the IYBC is committed to protecting them 100 times more than in 2011!

To learn more about the IYBC 100 Guide Giveaway, to apply for a field guide, or to help, please check us out at

Happy Birding!

CWilliamsAbout the author: Chad Williams is an active board member of the Indiana Audubon Society, Inc. and Chair of the Indiana Young Birders Club. Like most others, his passion began when a couple of willing adults took the time to introduce him to the world of birds – about 25 years ago. His excitement for youth birding and nature starts at home with his five children; however, he spends most of his intense birding time with his son Ceth, who loves birds even more than Chad does. Read more of Chad's writing at his blog: Birding! A Growing Obsession!


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