Welcome to the new ABA Birding News! Here’s a quick rundown of how to use our listserv reader tool:

Choose a list or lists to view using the pulldown menus.

Filter by list type:

Filter by ABA Area state or province:

That will show all the listserv results in that state/province in chronological order:

OR, choose a specific list:

You may also filter any results by specific date (note that Birding News only holds messages for 35 days).

Clicking a specific lists name will load that list.

Click on message to view:

At this point you can add that list to your favorites:

You can add as many lists to your favorites as you wish. Then toggle the SHOW FAVORITES switch to view only those results (in this case the MassBirds, and Mass Leps lists):

You can manage your favorites by clicking here:

Manage favorites screen:

!Notables shows notable species mentions for whatever lists you have filtered:

RESET resets your current view. The SHOW ALL/SHOW FAVORITES toggle always applies.  It does not reset your favorites.

Show excerpts does just that (note that it shows notables too!):

Show all displays all of the messages in expanded, digest view: