Smartphone Audio Recording

Making and sharing audio recordings is a piece of cake. It’s as easy, literally, as pressing a button on your smartphone.

Analyzing Nocturnal Flight Calls

The fascinating nocturnal world of migrants is out there just waiting for you to experience and record. What will your first recording be?

Primer: Clothing & Layering

This article is about layering, or clothing oneself in such a way as to stay comfortable and safe throughout the varied and often temperamental climates in which we love (or dread) to bird.

ABA Gear Partners

ABA Business Affiliate members with optics and equipment businesses are listed below, and many of them offer special discounts to you as an ABA member. Please browse these fine partners and supporters as you begin your next adventure. We know they’ll take good care of you, since they are fellow ABA members!

Whether you have a question about your order or need some more information before making a purchase, our friendly customer service team and optics experts will be happy to help! We're dedicated to providing you with a positive shopping experience, 100% customer satisfaction, and the right optics and gear to meet your personal bird watching needs.

Our Consumer Products Business expands the boundaries of product design and functionality, empowering consumers and professionals alike with innovative digital cameras, lenses, audio recorders and binoculars, opening up new possibilities with its precision optics and groundbreaking technologies.


Hunt’s Photo & Video is one of the country’s premier photo specialty retailers serving enthusiasts passionate about photography with unparalleled service and exceptional products including consumer and professional digital cameras.
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