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Yellow Rails and Rice Festival participants enjoy a unique opportunity to engage in agritourism, observing close-up rice harvesting operations, with the added benefit of seeing Yellow Rails and other rail species (Sora, Virginia, and King) that may be flushed by a combine while it is harvesting rice. The 2022 Festival Package includes a three-day Field Pass (weather and equipment permitting): Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (Sunday is the emergency back-up day). Weather permitting there is also bird banding at the harvest site. Festival package includes a go-lunch and jambalaya supper on Thursday, and hors d’oeuvres at the Welsh Museum on Saturday evening. Festival package does NOT include lodging or any local/field trip transportation (carpooling is possible but is not guaranteed). It does NOT include any meals or other food items not referenced above, or any specialty food items. If you are considering a change of scenery, or want to increase your species total for the festival, there are optional add-on all-Day Field Trips to the Pineywoods and the Cameron Coast, as well as two night trips to the coast to the participate on a Black Rail survey. Add-on Field Trips can not be purchased individually – must be an add-on item to a YRARF Festival Package Registration opens 1 August 2022 and closes 7 October 2022, or when capacity is reached. Festival formally kicks off on Thursday at 7:30 AM at the Welcome Reception but pre-festival trips are available on Wednesday. YRARF is a small friendly festival. Come join us in the heart of Cajun country and pass a good time. Laissez les bons temps rouler!


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