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April 24-28, 2024, Corpus Christi’s BIRDIEST FESTIVAL IN AMERICA turns seven! This year, the Festival has a good-luck charm. A Cattle Tyrant appeared in downtown Corpus Christi last November surprising the birding world, since there’d been no sightings north of Panama! Did he ride the tailwind of a storm? Or stowaway on a freighter to Port Corpus Christi? Somehow, he had to get to the “Birdiest City” in America! Birders dropped everything, booked flights, to get this one on the books.
So who knows what will happen in spring migration at the junction of some of the busiest flyways in North America? Experience Gulf Coast and private ranch hot spots including more regions of the world-famous King Ranch. Twenty-one different full or half-day field trips offer plenty of flexibility to attend five presentations, six workshops and choice bird walks. Jonathan Wood’s photogenic Raptor Project returns along with vendor trade show, Texas BBQ Welcome Dinner, artisan booths, Rio Grande Valley Pre-Trip, scenic Texas Hill Country Post Trip, and Family Fun Day!

KEYNOTE SPEAKER is Cameron Cox, nationally-known birding and nature photography guide, author, owner of Avocet Birding Courses, co-author of The Peterson Guide to Seawatching, and forthcoming North American Terns, a Photographic Guide.

With a six-year total of 341 species sighted; 92 species on a three-hour bird walk; and a 10-hour BIG DAY record of 156 species, it’s “wings-up” to register early, at BIRDIESTFESTIVAL.ORG. Further questions to veteran chair Denise,


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