Ecuador is one of the world’s biodiversity hotspots, with an enormous bird list of 1600+ species despite being only about the size of Colorado. The reason for this extreme number is that Ecuador sits in the tropics, right on the equator, and contains a huge variety of habitats and birding areas. Its most prominent geological feature is the Andes, which form a central spine down the country. The Andes will be the focus of the Birding Bash, and there will be a variety of extensions available throughout Ecuador before and after.

Social interaction is also a huge part of the ABA’s events. Individual groups will be no more than 8 participants, but multiple groups will be staying each night in the same hotels and lodges so that they can mingle and reminisce over the day’s superb birding. ABA staff members will also accompany some of these groups, and will stay in the same hotels and lodges.

Different programs are available for birders, bird photographers, and those who enjoy some of both (Birding with a Camera®). The itineraries will be almost identical, but the guides will lead their groups differently in order to meet the needs of these styles.

There are 8 extensions for the Birding Bash, that cover everything from the Amazon lowlands, eastern Andes, and the Galapagos!


Birding Bash particulars, extensions, lodging, and all other details at registration link.


All of the Tropical Birding leaders have spent plenty of time in Ecuador, and some of them live there:

  • Keith Barnes
  • Iain Campbell
  • Pablo Cervantes Daza
  • José Illanes
  • Alex Luna
  • Ben Knoot
  • Daniel Aldana Schumann
  • Andrés Vásquez
  • Sam Woods

Plus ABA hosts Jeff and Liz Gordon, and possibly a surprise or two.

In partnership with Tropical Birding

When: July 17-26, 2020

Where: Quito, Ecuador

How Much: $3490.00

Single Supplement: $560.00