May 2019 Photo Quiz

Ugh. Birds flying away fairly high in the sky. Yes, those features often make bird ID difficult. However, in many such situations with many species, there still are enough clues to get to the correct ID. This is one such situation.

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Young Birder Blog Birding #34

October is one of my favorite months for birding. While, at least where I am, most Neotropical migrants have already passed through by the end of September, October brings some really great birds into the area.

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Young Birder Blog Birding #18

After just having spent a week at the 21st Battalion of Rolling Plains Bobwhite Brigade, my third year there, I still find these lyrics from wha

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2013 Summer Opportunities for Young Birders

Starting to make plans for the summer? The hard part will be deciding what to do! Colorado, Delaware, Arizona, Maine, New York, Texas, Washington, Ontario...wherever you want to go, there's a young birder camp for you!

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Color: Simple or Complex?

Bold…striking…varied…the colors of the visible light spectrum are well represented in avian coloration. For example, Red—Vermilion Flycatcher Orange—Altamira Oriole Yellow—Hooded Warbler Green—Green Jay Blue—Mountain Bluebird Indigo—Indigo Bunting Violet—Costa’s Hummingbird’s gorget The astounding array of bird read more >>

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Young Birder Blog Birding #11

Ahh, November: a nice, woody sounding month. But in addition to the name, there is good cause to love November. First of all, my birthday is in November (and everybody loves my birthday!) But when it comes to birding, November can hold its own against the bird watching giants May and August.

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Owling in the Huachucas

The sun beat down on the exposed rocks of the wash, and also on the young birders of 2012 Camp Chiricahua. Even though we were at 5,800 feet in the Huachuca Mountains of southeastern Arizona, the sun was still quite intense.

Owling in the Huachucas2012-11-20T10:55:49-05:00