Fantasy Birding

At the mic: Matt Smith is a writer, geographer, and web developer who has been chasing birds (real and imaginary) for most of his life. He has published two children’s books and runs a blog, read more >>

Fantasy Birding2019-06-06T17:38:51-04:00

Field Recording

Is field recording the next frontier of bird documentation? Young birder Aidan Place considers the question.

Field Recording2015-08-20T09:16:32-04:00

The Warbler Guide App Review

The Warbler Guide, published last year, was an incredible work of writing on the identification of North American wood-warblers. One of its stand-out features was how well integrated it was with online and digital content. Consequently, I was not terribly surprised when it was announced that they were going to be developing an app.

The Warbler Guide App Review2015-06-10T20:46:59-04:00

Larkwire Master Birder: Water Birds of North America

Earlier this year, I reviewed the Larkwire Master Birder Land Birds iPhone app, which covers 344 birds out of 700+ breeders in North America. A substantial number of the other North American bird species (another 135, with little overlap), is covered by Larkwire’s newest app, entitled Larkwire Master Birder: Water Birds.

Larkwire Master Birder: Water Birds of North America2013-06-03T14:49:00-04:00

Larkwire Master Birder: An iPhone App review

Learning birdsong used to be a challenging endeavor. Before the days of recordings and field guides, the only way to learn bird songs was to track down the bird and ID it.

Larkwire Master Birder: An iPhone App review2013-01-21T12:52:48-05:00