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Mothing: The Nighttime Addiction

Note: Although this may not seem to be a relevant post on The Eyrie, I thought it would be a good idea to share the obsession that sparked my passion for the natural world as a read more >>

Mothing: The Nighttime Addiction2015-03-18T10:49:24-04:00

Bird Courtship

It's spring again—and love is in the air! Winter plumages are shed by many to reveal striking, gaudy birds. Breeding males usually take on an exorbitantly ostentatious appearance, abandoning the comforts of a camouflaged plumage to attract a mate.

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Adapting To A Human World

For many species, the slow process of evolution makes it very difficult to adapt to a dynamic society. However, some birds have evolved certain characteristics to assist in ensuring the survival of the species in the face of an ever-changing world. Others have learned behaviors that can assist in their survival.

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From Coffee to Penguins: Winter Research 2014

This post is the beginning of a series meant to highlight new discoveries about birds and make ornithological research more accessible to young birders.

From Coffee to Penguins: Winter Research 20142014-04-02T11:04:19-04:00

Picidae: The Drummers of the Woods

Keeping the beat of the woods with their percussive knocks, Picidae, the woodpeckers, are distinctive birds with long beaks well-adapted to forage for food.

Picidae: The Drummers of the Woods2014-03-05T11:25:36-05:00

Birding in Wilderness

Few birders immerse themselves outside on extended trips into the wilderness, even though we do love the natural world. Although we work to preserve habitat for birds, we rarely visit large swaths of habitat, no matter how close they are to our backyards.

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Most people have seen hummingbirds at least once in their lifetime, but how much do you really know about them? Hummingbirds are an incredibly diverse group. They belong to the family Trochilidae, and includes the read more >>


Raising Bluebirds

A flash of blue wings dart across my path as I near the tree where my bluebird box is. As I near the box, I can see male sitting one branch over from the box, read more >>

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