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Open Mice: Kestrels–An Iowa Legacy

A few years ago, a short drive down my gravel road would yield at least one, if not two, American Kestrels perched on a power line or hovering mid-air above the grassy ditch. Today, I have begun to count myself lucky to drive past a mere one kestrel per week rather than the daily sightings.

Open Mice: Kestrels–An Iowa Legacy2017-05-16T11:29:05-04:00

Christmas Bird Count Round Up

Aidan Place give us a detailed account of his experience during this year's CBC in Washington County, Pennsylvania. Then Drew Meyers takes us to the sub-zero temperatures of Michigan's Keweenaw County for a recount of what his small group of dedicated birders counted this year. Finally, to counteract those cold temperatures, Ryan Vosbigian shares memories of some of his favorite CBC experiences in southern California.

Christmas Bird Count Round Up2014-02-15T09:25:44-05:00

Open Mic: My First Breeding Bird Survey

When I got asked to go on my first Breeding Bird Survey with one of our areas top birders, I jumped at the opportunity! I met Katie Koch, a US Fish and Wildlife Service bird biologist at 4:45am. That was the earliest time I've been birding by 15 minutes.

Open Mic: My First Breeding Bird Survey2014-08-12T13:22:21-04:00