Birding Trips

Birding Hawaii’s Waikamoi Preserve

To birds, Hawaii is a troubled paradise. The islands used to teem with exotic and endemic species, but since the arrival of humans these native birds have been decimated. At low elevations, the combination of habitat degradation, invasive species, and malaria has eliminated practically all of the native birds.

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El Triunfo: Home of the Horned Guan

By Alberto Lobato(translated by Jennie Duberstein) The El Triunfo Biosphere Reserve, located in the south of the Mexican state of Chiapas and decreed in 1990, encompasses an area of approximately 119,117 hectares (about 294,345 acres). read more >>

El Triunfo: Home of the Horned Guan2013-03-04T20:22:14-05:00

2013 Camp Colorado Dispatch

Camp Colorado is in full swing this week in Estes Park, Colorado. Twenty campers from around the country are enjoying the beautiful birds and habitats of the Colorado Rockies and Grasslands. We are having a read more >>

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2013 Mid-Atlantic Young Birder Conference

In June, I was invited to speak at this year's ABA Mid-Atlantic Young Birder Conference (MAYBC) at the Ashland Nature Center in Hockessin, Delaware.

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Birding a Fourteener

5:00 am. My wake-up alarm song blared electric guitar into the chill predawn. It was time.

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2013 Camp Chiricahua Highlights

VENT’s Camp Chiricahua, sponsored by the ABA, took place in early August in southeastern Arizona. Thirteen campers from across the U.S. and as far away as Panama arrived in Tucson on Tuesday, August 6 to read more >>

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2012 Ohio Young Birders Conference

This year’s Ohio Young Birders Conference will be held at the Toledo Zoo on Saturday, November 2, 2013. Learn more by visiting the Ohio Young Birders Club website. -eds. by Aspen Ellis It’s not often that read more >>

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