ABA Bird of the Year

Each fall, anticipation builds for the annual reveal of the species selected to become the American Birding Association’s Bird of the Year. The bird is chosen to inspire and educate, to spark enthusiasm for birding, and to highlight a conservation challenge or success. Charisma and accessibility are often key traits of the bird chosen, so even a familiar bird can be seen through a new lens and appreciated in new ways. It’s a true celebration of birding and the birds all around us.

We also hope that our Bird of the Year will help us tell a story. About birds. About birding. About birders. About community. In the artistic and literary representation of that bird, we strive to feature a variety of artists, visions, and styles, thus reflecting the diversity of our world and our birdwatching family.

The ABA Bird of the Year Reveal Party is an opportunity for ABA staff, board, members, and the general public to connect over our shared passion for birds and birding, to show the world the great work the American Birding Association has been doing, and to share exciting new projects we have in the pipeline. This year, the event will include an additional set of bird walks in the Nashville metropolitan area to provide more time celebrating birds and birding together. And finally, we are honored to have the artist, Liz Clayton Fuller, as our guest to reveal her amazing artwork in person at this worldwide premiere.

We hereby extend a warm invitation to you, and hope you will celebrate the reveal of the ABA’s 2023 Bird of the Year with us in person on December 10, 2022 at Warner Park Nature Center in Nashville, Tennessee, or watch a live stream of the event here or on our YouTube channel, Facebook, or Twitter.

Reveal Weekend Program

Sat. Dec 10, 2022, 8-10 am: Guided bird walk at Shelby Bottoms

(free for all)

Join ABA 2020 Young Birder of the Year Adrianna Nelson and ABA board member and Nashville local Chris Sloan on a leisurely bird walk.

Sat. Dec 10, 2022, 2-4 pm: Workshop MOTUS and thrush research at Warner Park Nature Center Library

(free, limited spaces)

What is MOTUS? How does it work? And how are our Hermit Thrushes doing? Learn all about it with Laura Cook and Friends of Warner Park. Spaces for this workshop are limited, so book yours along with your ticket for the VIP Reveal party, or contact kdomen@aba.org to reserve your spot.

Sat. Dec 10, 2022, 5-8 pm: Bird of the Year Reveal VIP event at Warner Park Nature Center

(limited spaces: get your tickets now!)

Witness the Reveal of the ABA’s 2023 Bird of the Year and Liz Clayton Fuller’s cover art in person. Celebrate with ABA staff and board members and fellow birders, meet the artist, and enjoy the music of all vinyl DJ collective the Deli Shop Boys. Spaces are limited, so get your tickets now!

Sun. Dec 11, 2022, 8-10 am: Guided bird walk at Radnor Lake (West Lot)

(free for all)

Can we find our Bird of the Year here? Join this fun walk with ABA staff and board to find out!

Sun. Dec 11, 2022, 11 am-1 pm: Workshop field sketching at Edwin Warner Park Shelter 6

(free, limited spaces)

Discover the artist in you during this field sketching workshop with ABA Artist of the Year 2023 Liz Clayton Fuller. Spaces for this workshop are limited, so book yours along with your ticket for the VIP Reveal party, or contact kdomen@aba.org to reserve your spot. Don’t forget to bring a pencil and a notepad/sketchbook (we will also have sketchbooks for sale with Liz’ Bird of the Year art!)


Get your front row seat for the ABA’s 2023 Bird of the Year VIP reveal event! Support the American Birding Association’s various programs, and help us help the birding community become more inclusive, better informed, and a stronger advocate for birds, birding, and birders. Spaces are limited, so get your tickets now!

Supporter ticket ($75)

The Supporter ticket includes:

  • 1 ticket to the ABA 2023 Bird of the Year Reveal party
  • snacks and drinks during the event
  • 1 ABA 2023 Bird of the Year poster

Advocate ticket ($150)

The Advocate ticket includes:
  • 1 ticket to the ABA 2023 Bird of the Year Reveal party
  • snacks and drinks during the event
  • 1 ABA 2023 Bird of the Year poster
  • 1 set of ABA 2023 Bird of the Year greeting cards

Patron ticket ($500)

The Patron ticket includes:
  • 1 ticket to the ABA 2023 Bird of the Year Reveal party
  • snacks and drinks during the event
  • 1 ABA 2023 Bird of the Year poster
  • 1 set of ABA 2023 Bird of the Year greeting cards
  • 1 live sketch of your favorite bird by Liz Clayton Fuller

The artist: Liz Clayton Fuller

Hey y’all, I’m Liz Clayton Fuller. I’m an artist born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee. As far back as I can remember I have loved two things most of all: art and nature. I combined my two great passions and became a scientific illustrator, fine artist, and educator specializing in birds. I have created and taught classes for the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, illustrated field guides, illustrated educational outreach materials, and painted visuals for scientific papers.

I came to my love of birds later in my life, and it happened through art. No one in my family was a birder growing up, although we always spent time outdoors. When I painted my first few birds, I simply painted them because I thought they were beautiful. I quickly realized in addition to being a fascinating subject matter, they are all around us! I would walk to class and hear birds singing in the trees and wonder who they were. I painted them to learn more about them, so my passion snowballed from there. I’m absolutely enamored with both the familiarity of my backyard birds and the variety of birds throughout the world. Birds are such an accessible form of wildlife: they coexist with humans in a way that no other animals can. They are an endless source of inspiration for me, so varied in their appearance and behavior, I adore them. 

I document each of my subjects with the wonder of first discovery and attempt to convey my awe of the natural world in each painting. My hope is that my art will inspire others to connect with nature in a profound way just as I have through my paintings. I love to paint birds accurately for my scientific illustrations, and sometimes I like to add a little yeehaw to them for my personal portfolio. Whether I’m painting birds for field guides or putting cowboy hats and boots on them, I strive to provide folks with a new perspective on bird life while sparking awe and joy.

I’m beyond honored to have painted the Bird of the Year for 2023 and I can’t wait to share it with you! I put a piece of myself in every painting I create and I think y’all are going to love it.

You can find my work at: https://lizclaytonfuller.com or on Instagram / Twitter / Twitch: @ipaintbirbs (yep, birbs!)

Music by all vinyl DJ collective Deli Shop Boys

The Deli Shop Boys are a vinyl DJ collective that have been spinning the coldest cuts and the hottest beats across Nashville since 2021. Made up of friends Andy ’The Beard of Weird’ Sundin, Jake ‘Djarmothy’ Meyer, Lyle ‘My Name is Actually Bob’ Parrigin, and Taylor ‘Old Man Tooters Boy’ Shipley, the Boys got the bug attending The Vinyl Club, a monthly wax-spinning event open to all. Before long they were hosting their own monthly event, Spindustry Night, at various breweries around Nashville.

Vinyl is more than a hobby for the Deli Shop Boys, it’s a passion. Whether it’s crate digging, spinning at shows, or learning about and experiencing new music, the Boys love it. This passion lends to their eclectic music tastes. You’ll hear anything from Country to Afrobeat, Hip-Hop to Bluegrass, or Funk to Brazilian Tropicallia when the Deli Shop Boys show up, but one thing is consistent – the grooves will be flowing and the party will be rockin’.

The venue: Warner Park Nature Center

WPNC is a Metro Parks of Nashville-Davidson County-operated environmental education center. Family-friendly and admission-free, it offers free programs, school field trips and high school labs, outdoor recreation programs and activities, resources for organic gardening and native plant landscaping, and public events throughout the year for individuals, groups, and people of all ages.

Evidence of the power of public-private collaboration, The Warner Parks Nature Center was built through a private capital campaign and government partnership, expanding the vital educational aspects of the Warner Parks and becoming a premiere institution of environmental education.

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Covid-19 vaccination policy for ABA travel and events

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