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Birding Online—September 2012 issue

In addition to all the print content in the September 2012 issue of Birding, we’re pleased to bring you substantial additional online content. Here’s a guide—think of it as an electronic Table of Contents—to the extensive online material in the September 2012 issue.

About the Cover. It used to be the bird with the funny name: Xantus’s Murrelet. Now it’s got two new names: Scripps’s Murrelet and Guadalupe Murrelet. Our cover photo of a Scripps’s Murrelet is by California birder and ABA member Larry Sansone. Click here for Larry’s thoughts and perspectives on bird photography.

¡Viva la Revolución! The digitally photographed hummingbird appearing with the Table of Contents (p. 5) is striking. But there’s a subtle side story: A decade ago, that bird probably would have gone undocumented and perhaps even undetected. In a provocative commentary, Ted Floyd examines how digital cameras affect not only how we bird, but also who birders are. Click here for more.

Jaeger ID. One of the most beautiful sights is a perfect adult jaeger in flight. And one of the most vexing challenges for birders is the identification of all those messed-up, molting, immature jaegers. Click here for an expanded discussion of the tricky jaeger photos on p. 12 of the print issue.

ABA Events. Join the ABA for a wide array of fantastic birding opportunities in 2013: everything from cranes and rosy-finches in New Mexico to Purple Sandpipers and Black-capped Petrels off the East Coast! See George Armistead’s overview on pp. 14–15 of the print version of the September issue, and click here for more info and to register.

Chandler S. Robbins Interview. In the print version, you’ve read the extended interview (pp. 16–21) and extensive tributes (pp. 22–23). But these just scratch the surface of Chan Robbins’ amazing legacy. Click here to see more photos and anecdotes—and to contribute your own memories of and tributes to this living legend.

Splits & Lumps, Retter & Pyle. Birders love to talk about splits and lumps. And two of our feature articles (pp. 30–33, pp. 34–39) focus heavily on recent taxonomic changes affecting the ABA Checklist. The authors, Michael L. P. Retter and Peter Pyle, are experts. And they’re opinionated. Click here to eavesdrop on a conversation between Retter and Pyle. A transcription of the entire conversation is available only to ABA members; click here (available soon) for extended, members-only content.

Kiptopeke Bonanza. Did the overview and photo essay (pp. 48–51) grab your attention? Click here to read the full-length, full-color feature article (“Fifty Years at Kiptopeke”) on the history and legacy of the diverse bird-monitoring efforts at one of the grandest migration hotspots on the East Coast.

Photo Quiz Answers. According to Ted Floyd: This quiz (pp. 52–53) is easy as pie. But Tom Johnson cautions: Not so fast. The two of them continue their conversation online. Click here to see what they’re saying, and to chime in with your own opinions.

Field Guides vs. Apps. In the old days, we learned bird ID from field guides. These days, as Diana Doyle notes (pp. 54–59), we’re learning from apps. Is that a good thing? If apps are in some sense “bad,” could they be made better? Click here to tell us your experience with apps, and share your ideas for making them better. Someone in the industry just might be listening!

Another Photo Quiz! We birders can’t help ourselves. We just have to know what those birds are (p. 56). So let’s go online, where we can see the photo in all its full-screen, full-color glory. Click here to view the image, to share your insights, and to hear what others are saying. Oh, and you want to know for sure? —ABA members, click here for the “official” answers.

Bird of the Year. Did you see our ad on p. 57? The ABA is sponsoring a 2012 Bird of the Year contest. Submit paintings, videos, essays…anything and everything that relates in some way to the 2012 Bird of the Year, the Evening Grosbeak. Click here for contest rules, to see the amazing prizes, and to submit your entry.

Book Reviews Online. There are book reviews, and there are book reviews… :-) We at Birding pride ourselves in the latter: thoughtful, opinionated, and witty offerings like Scott Weidensaul’s (pp. 60–65). ABA members, click here for additional reviews—by experts Shaibal S. Mitra and Peter Kaestner—of five major new field guides. This is members-only content!

One More Photo Quiz! It’s a sickness. We know it, and we love it. Along with the New Photo Quiz, appearing on p. 72, we offer an online quiz. Click here to play the online quiz.

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