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Birding Online—May 2012 issue

With the May 2012 issue of Birding, we’re pleased to bring you more online content than ever before! Here’s a guide—think of it as an electronic Table of Contents—to all the online content for the May 2012 issue:

About the Cover. Ross’s Gulls are awesome! And the people who study Ross’s Gulls have some great stories to tell. Click here to hear the wild stories—and to see some amazing photos.

News and Notes. In “News and Notes” (pp. 24–25), Paul Hess reports that the bird currently known as the Barred Owl may in fact comprise two species. Click here for additional reporting by Winging It Editor Michael L. P. Retter.

Evening Grosbeak Photo Salon. In this lavish photo spread (pp. 26–34), eight photographers tell their stories with remarkable images of the ABA 2012 Bird of the Year. What’s your Evening Grosbeak story? Click here to read other members’ stories—or to share your own!

Harlequin Duck Plumage. Author Keith Evans and photographer Higgins show us how the drake Harlequin Duck acquires its stunning plumage (pp. 36–41.) But that’s not the whole story. Click here to join a spirited—but impressively fair and civil—discussion about the controversial shooting of the ducks described by Evans and Higgins.

Ross’s Gull Adventure. Northern Nunavut is a great place to learn about the rare Ross’s Gull, as Mark Maftei ably reports on pp. 42–55 of the print version of the May 2012 Birding. As it turns out, northern Nunavut is also a great place to have all sorts of adventures. Click here to learn about Mark’s “Nunavut Adventure.”

Photo Quiz Answers. Did you have a bit of difficulty with the March 2012 Birding photo quiz? Good!—we wouldn’t want for our quizzes to be too easy! Click here for a bit more analysis of and discussion about the March 2012 photo quiz answers (pp. 56–57).

New Photo Quiz. No fair! These are birds that only Kazimir Malevich (he painted White on White) could love. Why, they don’t even have heads. If you’re stumped by the new photo quiz (p. 72), click here for additional clues—and a whole lot of discussion.

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