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Birding Online—July 2012 issue

Along with all the print content in the July 2012 issue of Birding, we’re pleased to bring you substantial additional online content. Here’s a guide—think of it as an electronic Table of Contents—to all the online material in the July 2012 issue.

About the Cover. They’re the birds with the funny name: They’re the ‘elepaio. They’re also among the most remarkable native birds in the U.S. Click here to meet the ‘elepaio.

Birding Together. In the print version of the July 2012 “Birding Together” column, we are promised lots of online content from the pen of ABA President Jeffrey A. Gordon. Well, Jeff has delivered! Click here to go straight to Jeff’s recent online updates and commentaries.

Birding Interview. Many birders know that Steve Howell is an expert on everything from molt to tubenoses to Chile to hummingbirds. But did you also know he’s amassed the world’s most astonishing photographic gallery of flyingfish? For real! Click here to see some images you’ll never forget.

Hawaii and the ABA Area. Few topics fire up the ABA membership more than Hawaii. Should the Aloha State be admitted to the ABA Area? Or not? Click here to see what everybody is saying—and feel free to join in on the conversation.

Go Greenbirding! It’s the hottest thing since Whole Foods and the Prius. Greenbirding—all one word—is carbon-free birding, and it’s catching on big time. Click here for a fun report on recent Green Big Day competitions.

Evening Grosbeaks. Part of our continuing coverage of the ABA’s 2012 Bird of the Year, Rick Wright’s print article tells the story of how Evening Grosbeaks came to eastern North America. But how did Rick ever unearth all that historical information? Click here for the surprising and ironic answer to that question.

Photo Quiz Answers. Swans are hard enough to ID even if you can see their heads. But what about swans with their heads stubbornly submerged deep in the water? That didn’t stop ABA members from trying to ID our quiz birds. Click here to see what folks thought about this hard photo quiz.

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