Birding Online: October 2022

Birding Special Issues Editor

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I type this just a month or so after the U.S. removed its COVID testing requirements for its citizens reentering the country. Canada is currently requiring vaccinated status for people entering the country, just as the U.S. is for non-U.S.-citizens. With international travel now almost back to normal—in North America, anyway—traveling birders are making up for lost time. This special Travel issue of Birding offers for your consideration what may be a few new destinations, as well as new ways to travel.

Thinking of a trip to the tropics for toucans and tanagers? Katinka Domen gives us an overview of the diverse habitats and birdlife of Honduras. Or perhaps you would rather your tropical trip focus on turacos and tinkerbirds. Judith Mirembe of the Uganda Women Birders offers her picks for the Top 20 birds of her megadiverse home country. Wayne Klockner relays his experience with do-it-yourself birding at the northernmost reaches of the United States, in Utqiaġvik, Alaska. And closer to home for most of us, Alan Jaffe shares the encouraging tale of environmental restoration in Buffalo, New York. 

Many people sadly can’t afford to pay for travel to far-off lands, but Meridith Rohn suggests that, if you have time to spare, there are other ways to satisfy your wanderlust. Finally, Bryony Angell shares her experiences with and interviews a variety of birders about women-only birding tours.

The ABA strives to make heard the voices of historically marginalized and under-represented groups in birding, and—to be blunt—the lack of diversity among our authors is concerning. We urgently want and need to hear more and varied perspectives in these pages. By you sharing your knowledge, we can all become more informed and understanding birders.

I hope that there is something of use and interest to you in this issue. Please don’t ever hesitate to contact me with your ideas for future content. Even better: Write about it yourself for the next issue! Finally, please consider sharing this issue by giving your hard copy to a friend or family member when you’re done.

However and wherever you travel, I wish you a safe, happy, and healthy trip!