Birding Online: March 2024

Associate Editor, Birding magazine

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On the cover: the recently discovered, and very charming, Pincoya Storm-Petrel. Photo by © Peter Harrison.

In the March issue of Birding, we learn about seabird conservation & avian influenza, unveil the ABA ID vault, and plenty more. Ready to dive in? Let’s go!

We’re proud to announce a new tool for your birding toolkit: the ABA ID vault. As readers of ABA publications like Birding, you know there is a rich seam of identification information buried in these pages. But when you need to know how to age a gull, or tell Empids apart, or pick between Cooper’s vs. Sharp-shinned Hawk, how do you unearth the articles that will help you the most? Thanks to the hard work of Frank Haas, Greg Neise, and Ted Floyd, you can search one handy database at Give it a spin! And speaking of identifying Accipiters, there’s already a new addition to the Vault – a young birder Photo Salon, featuring the distinctive identification marks of Cooper’s and Sharp-shinned Hawks.

Conservation is a common theme in this issue, in and around the ABA Area.

  • Wayne Klockner and Ryan Rodriguez share their experiences of birding at Santa Margarita Ranch, a spectacular natural area situated right on the border with Mexico, which highlights how conservation, birding, and movement of wildlife are complicated by the border wall.
  • Peter Harrison’s spectacular Birding Interview sails across his impressive career of field guide creation, storm-petrel discovery, and seabird conservation. Don’t forget to check out the web-only content: an introduction to the recently discovered Pincoya Storm-Petrel, and Peter Harrison’s first interview with Birding magazine in April 1983, which you can find through the Birding Magazine Archive. You can either scroll down to the April 1983 issue, or use the search bar at the top of the page.
  • Steve Hampton delivers a sobering and necessary update on the status of avian influenza outbreaks in the ABA Area and worldwide.

Another shared theme is community – finding it, and appreciating it! Bryony Angell, along with some friends and colleagues, share tips on how to craft birding outings that bring people together and make lasting connections.

And we can’t let the opportunity pass us by to thank our own community. In this issue, you’ll find the 2023 Donor Wall. If you’ve donated to the ABA, thank you for helping us do what we do: publish great magazines and podcasts, run young birder programs, host tours and events, and keep the lights on. Whether you’ve donated or not, if you’re here reading this, thank you for being part of the ABA community!

Speaking of the ABA Community, if you haven’t heard about our online platform yet, check it out! Every month, we have more birders joining, sharing stories, chatting about IDs, and hanging out without the hassle and stress of other social media platforms.

Of course, there’s more to enjoy, like the extended Book & Media Reviews, but don’t let me talk your ear off about it. Click here to open up the March issue and explore for yourself. We hope you enjoy. And until we meet again, happy birding!