Birding Online: March 2021

Associate Editor, Birding magazine

Welcome to Birding Online! Here, all ABA members can access the extended online content from the March 2021 issue of Birding magazine. The complete issue, containing both print and online content, can be found here:

First and foremost, the ABA would like to thank the many donors who supported our work in 2020. As we have said many a time, the pandemic greatly reduced our revenue from advertisements and events. Our donors helped us ride that financial wave and continue producing the resources that you know and love: Birding, North American Birds, the American Birding Podcast, the ABA Virtual Bird Clubs, and more. Thank you! You will find our Donor Wall on page 6. You can also click here to read March’s “Birding Together,” which is a thank you note that comes from all of the core ABA staff.

ON THE COVER: “Timberline” Brewer’s Sparrow. Photo by © Cameron Eckert.

This issue’s cover is graced by the elusive Timberline Sparrow. This little-studied sparrow might be its own species, but for now, the American Ornithological Society recognizes it as a subspecies of the Brewer’s Sparrow. The Timberline Sparrow provides scientists with more questions than answers, mostly due to its remote habitat in Alaska. Claire Stuyck, one member of a research team that struck out to find these little birds last summer, tells the tale in a feature article and a photo salon. Click here to go to the feature article, and here to go to the beautiful salon.

News & Notes, now Frontiers in Ornithology, has flourished under Paul Hess’ meticulous attention since 2003. This issue marks Paul’s last entry in “Frontiers in Ornithology” as he officially hands over the keys of the kingdom to Nick Minor. We thank him for his many, many (320!) columns, and hope to see his contributions again in future issues. Click here to read the column itself – and click here to read notes from a few of Paul’s friends and admirers.

The 2021 Bird of the Year, Pileated Woodpecker, shines in a few featured articles starting on page 22. Sarah Hobart tells the story of her woodpecker tattoo. In one short piece, Rick Wright explores how – and why – people pronounce the name of our BOTY. A longer follow-up piece delves into the history of the name itself. Click here to jump to the beginning of this content.
The Book & Media Reviews in this issue span a wide range of topics and forms. Click here to jump to the beginning of the extended reviews in the online issue.
  • Rebecca Minardi reviews “Manu, the Boy Who Loved Birds,” by Caren Loebel-Fried. Click here to see this extended review on the ABA website.
  • Justin Peter tells us about “Feed the Birds: Attract and Identify 196 Common North American Birds,” by Chris Earley. Click here to see this extended review on the ABA website.
  • Danielle Belleny reviews “Parking Lot Birding: A Fun Guide to Discovering Birds in Texas,” by Jennifer L. Bristol. Click here for the website.
  • And last but not least, Frank & Adrienne Izaguirre review “Wingspan,” a bird-themed board game created by Elizabeth Hargrave. Click here for the website.

As always, this is just the beginning! There is more to explore and enjoy in the issue itself. We hope you love it – and until we meet again, happy birding!