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Photo: Young birder Mia Hartley shows us Bill Schmoker’s photo of a rosy-finch, appearing on p. 37 of the March/April Birding. The caption says it’s a Brown-capped Rosy-Finch, but it looks like a Gray-crowned Rosy-Finch. What’s up with that? Join the discussion online.
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About the Cover. No question about it: The Pribilof Islands, in the middle of the Bering Sea, are iconic in North American birding lore. Read the article, pp. 44–51, or, better yet, join us on “the Pribs.” That’s right—we’re offering ABA members a special opportunity to bird the Pribilofs. Note that this tour can be combined with an unforgettable arctic expedition to search for migrating Ross’s Gulls past Barrow. (Some years hundreds are observed). Photo of Chris Benesh (front) and participants in a Field Guides, Inc., tour by © George L. Armistead.


Birding Together. ABA President Jeffrey A. Gordon, in his regular column in the print Birding (pp. 9–10), introduces and welcomes us to “The New ABA.” Gordon shares additional thoughts online, and solicits your input on recent and future developments with the ABA and the broader birding community. Photo by © Liz Gordon.
Your Letters. There’s no topic birders won’t touch! Letters to the editor in the March/April 2013 Birding delve into such matters as eBird, Evening Grosbeak speciation, the legacy of Chandler S. Robbins (b. 1918), and—wait for it—how to render the plural forms of Hawaiian bird names. Please join the discussion online.Photo by © Jacob Spendelow.

Sightings Online. Starting with the March/April 2013 issue, you’re getting a double dose of Amy Davis’s must-read “Sightings” column. That’s not quite right: You’re getting more than a double dose. Along with the print content (mid-January through mid-February 2013, pp. 22–25, 62), you’re getting expanded online coverage, with especially generous photo reproduction, of North American rarities from mid-February through mid-March 2013. Photo by © Dick Rowe.
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Another Checklist Shuffle. Paul Hess reports in “News and Notes” (pp. 26–28) on the possibility of a major reshuffling of the sequence in which shorebirds appear on our checklists. Do you “like” it when the AOU makes changes to our checklists? Join the discussion at The ABA Blog. Figure by © Kei Sochi.

Surprising Harriers. Everybody knows that adult male Northern Harriers are “gray ghosts,” pale gray with inky black tips. Except it turns out now that that’s not right! Read Jerry Liguori and Brian Sullivan’s article in the print Birding (pp. 30–35), and go online for further insights, discussions, and photos. Photo by © Alan Murphy.
Jackpot Birding! Please refer to “About the Cover,” above, for links to your Bering Sea and Arctic Ocean adventures with the ABA. Photo by © Doug Gochfeld.
Photo Quiz Answers. Test yourself! Before you read quizmaster Tom Johnson’s answers and analyses (pp. 52–55), go online to see just the photos. If you want a bit more help, view the comments posted just below each photo. Click here for Quiz Photo A, click here for Quiz Photo B, and click here for Quiz Photo C. Photos by © Tom Johnson.

Book Reviews. In a brief but important essay in the print version of the March/April issue (p. 60), Rick Wright celebrates the varied voices that breathe life into Birding magazine’s venerable and much admired Book Review column. Click on the photos of the reviewers, and read their diverse and thoughtful book reviews.

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New Photo Quiz. Stumped by the series of grainy photos on p. 64 of the print version of the March/April issue? Then be sure to view this 26-second video of the quiz bird. In the video, you can see behaviors that the still photos cannot show. Watch the video, and become a better birder!
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