Birding Book Club – Best of 2021

November 18, 2021

It is time once more for the most anticipated Birding Book Club of the year, our annual Best Bird Books of the Year episode for 2021. And while it is still November, holiday gift-giving season is right around the corner so we want to get this conversation out there for our listeners’ sake. We are joined by 10,000 Birds book reviewer Donna Schulman and Birding magazine media and book review editor Frank Izaguirre to talk about what we loved this year in bird books.

Also, the New Zealand Bird of the Year is a bat for some reason. 

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Nate’s Top 5

1) Flight Identification of European Passerines and Select Landbirds – Tomasz Cofta & Michal Skakuj

2) A World on the Wing – Scott Weidensaul

3) Birds of Colombia – Steve Hilty

4) A Pocket-guide to Pigeon-Watching  – Rosemary Mosco

5) Birds of Argentina and the South-west Atlantic – Mark Pearman & Juan Ignacio Areta

Donna’s Top 5

1) A World on the WingScott Weidensaul

2) Seabirds: The New Identification Guide – Peter Harrison, Martin Perrow, & Hans Larsson

3) Peterson Field Guide to North American Bird Nests  – Casey McFarland, Matthew Monjello, & David Moskowitz

4) Habitats of the World: A Field Guide for Birders, Naturalists, and Ecologists – Iain Campbell, et al

5) How Birds Evolve: What Science Reveals about Their Origins, Lives and Diversity  – Douglas Futuyma

Frank’s Top 5

1) Birds of Colombia – Steve Hilty

2) Bird Versus Bulldozer  – Audrey L. Mayer

3) Peterson Field Guide to North American Bird Nests  – Casey McFarland, Matthew Monjello, & David Moskowitz

4) Naturalized Parrots of the World  – edited by Stephan Pruett-Jones

5) Vida, Color, y Canto: Plantas Neotropicales que Atrean AvesDiego Molina Franco & Paulo Pulgarín

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