Below is a bio of Shyloh van Delft, who recently wrote the guest post “Wonders of the Yukon.” As people submit future guest posts, I hope to incorporate bios at the end of every piece. Hopefully this will be a way for young birders to learn more about each other and connect!


Shyloh van Delft

Shyloh holding a Sharp-shinned Hawk 


Shyloh, 16 years old, lives in Tagish, Yukon. In 2009, she organized the first-ever Christmas Bird Count for the Tagish community, which included helping people identify birds at feeders and marking pages in a field guide to help others identify the expected winter birds easily. She loves raptors, especially owls, because they are much harder to find than other birds. She finds their nocturnal behavior appealing. Shyloh hopes to have a career in ornithology, although she is not sure in what capacity. Potential fields that interest her include rehabilitation, banding, taxidermy, tracking and studying different species, and writing. Shyloh is home schooled and incorporates her love for birds in her education.