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March 2021 Photo Quiz

Raise your hands. Who considers this an ugly photo quiz? I am not talking, er, writing about the quality of the photo, which, admittedly, leaves a lot to be desired. I am writing about what is shown of the bird.

March 2021 Photo Quiz2021-03-15T17:19:34-04:00

Birding Online: December 2020

Welcome to the Birder’s Guide to Basics Special Issue of Birding, which I hope you’ll agree is anything but basic! Our goal with this issue is to present foundational information that beginners and seasoned birders alike can use to make their birding more enjoyable.

Birding Online: December 20202020-12-28T17:31:01-05:00

A Superflight of Finches in the East

While this year has been a tough one for many of us, birders in the eastern United States and southeastern Canada are receiving a welcome surprise as we experience a banner year for irruptive boreal birds, including remarkable records and a “superflight” of finches.

A Superflight of Finches in the East2021-01-27T20:01:51-05:00
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