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Birding Topsail Island

Text and Photos by Ali Iyoob    Laughing Gull Last 4th of July, I visited Topsail Island in North Carolina with my family, a three hour drive from my home. I knew the crowded beach [...]

Birding Topsail Island2009-07-18T19:18:28-04:00

The Owl Diary: Week 7

  A diminutive owlet perches precariously at the edge of a cavity entrance. What does the world look like up there, 30 feet high in the tree? The tops of spruces, a star studded expanse [...]

The Owl Diary: Week 72009-07-11T19:54:23-04:00

The YBC in San Diego

A Report by John Garrett   After the excitement of last year’s Young Birders’ Conference (YBC) in Minot, North Dakota, I was eager to attend the 2009 YBC in San Diego. Even though it was [...]

The YBC in San Diego2009-07-08T13:16:33-04:00

Book Review: Wild America

By Neil Gilbert Chronicles of big years (quests by birders to see as many species of birds as possible in a calendar year) abound. My favorites include Kingbird Highway, by Kenn Kaufman, The Big Year, [...]

Book Review: Wild America2009-06-11T13:18:56-04:00

The Owl Diary: Week 3

    As the sun sets, the first stars begin to twinkle in a deep blue sky. A male Flammulated Owl gently calls “who-who-hooo…”, and is answered by a female tucked snuggly into a cavity. [...]

The Owl Diary: Week 32009-06-14T17:10:36-04:00

The First Name Game

The photo quiz is too easy for you? Here's a different kind of educational challenge. Below are three clues for three different birds. Name the bird that fits the clue, keeping in mind that one clue may apply [...]

The First Name Game2009-06-17T13:53:48-04:00

The Owl Diary: Week 4

  The wingspread of a male Flammulated Owl that has been on the study site for five years   Let’s revisit the unsuccessful female-catching story from last week. It’s June 19 and once again I am [...]

The Owl Diary: Week 42009-06-21T10:08:19-04:00

Death Takes A Migrant: Part 1

A Fictional Piece by Neil Gilbert Charles foraged among the leaf litter of a forest in the Wintering Habitat.  He overturned a wrinkled leaf and snapped up a beetle that had been cowering in its [...]

Death Takes A Migrant: Part 12009-06-24T20:39:27-04:00

Death Takes A Migrant: Part 2

  "[Charles] belted out several "teacher, teacher, TEACHER, TEACHER" phrases, his orange crown rasied jauntily." Pencil drawing by Neil Gilbert   When Charles awoke, he was lying on a perfectly smooth, flat rock. He stumbled [...]

Death Takes A Migrant: Part 22009-06-26T10:50:39-04:00

The Owl Diary: Week 5

  Climbing the ladder, Photo courtesy of Andy Bankert   “Do you want to climb the ladder?” Sophie, a fellow Flam Crew member, asks me. I have already been out to mass owlets twice, but [...]

The Owl Diary: Week 52009-06-28T23:19:05-04:00