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The Owl Diary: Week 2

I have lived in Colorado most of my life and camped in or hiked among the Rockies often. But this summer I am becoming acquainted with these mountains on a much deeper level. As part of a [...]

The Owl Diary: Week 22009-06-07T17:22:31-04:00

The Owl Diary: Week 8

  An owlet clings to my shirt after being massed and bled  Two others and I sit among fallen aspens and yellow-flowered cinquefoil, our eyes fixed upwards upon a keyhole-shaped cavity in a snag aspen. [...]

The Owl Diary: Week 82009-07-21T20:44:28-04:00

The Second Name Game

Answer to Previous: Congratulations, several of you nailed all three or came close. The answers are (1) Forster’s Tern, (2) Veery, and (3) Lucy’s Warbler. Here’s another challenge for you to tackle. Name the bird(s) [...]

The Second Name Game2009-07-25T12:57:32-04:00

Michael O'Brien (Part 1)

Michael O'Brien resides in Cape May, New Jersey, where he leads identification workshops and serves as a naturalist for Cape May Bird Observatory. An expert in shorebird identification, he is lead author of The Shorebird [...]

Michael O'Brien (Part 1)2009-07-28T20:27:26-04:00

Michael O'Brien (Part 2)

How would you describe your preferred style of art and what is your favorite medium? Most artwork that I do is portraits of birds, partly because that’s what most illustration jobs call for. I don’t [...]

Michael O'Brien (Part 2)2009-07-30T11:18:43-04:00

Photo Quiz 10

Answer to Previous: Congratulations to most of you, White-eared Hummingbird is correct. Try this  slightly more challenging (or perhaps not?) hummingbird.   Photo Courtesy of Andy Bankert

Photo Quiz 102009-08-05T18:14:53-04:00

Civilized Birding

By Andy Bankert and Saraiya Ruano Would you believe that some of the best places to bird are man-made or in the middle of civilization's sprawl? Sod fields and golf courses provide unique habitats and an [...]

Civilized Birding2009-08-06T22:48:48-04:00

Birding Mesa Verde

  Cliff Palace ruins at Mesa Verde, Photo courtesy of Andy Bankert At first glance, the four corners region seems barren. Dry and parched, who would want to live in such a landscape? About 1400 [...]

Birding Mesa Verde2009-08-14T15:14:27-04:00

The Third Name Game

Nice job Ali and Joel, your answers are correct. Have a go at this... 1. The Genus name of this extinct North American species translates as “having a tail like a cone” in Greek. 2. [...]

The Third Name Game2009-08-21T14:19:15-04:00

Sighted Recently: Blue-footed Booby

By Cole Wolf    Photo Courtesy of Cole Wolf Conchas Lake, a large reservoir located 75 miles east of Las Vegas in northeastern New Mexico, is approximately 25 miles long and is a New Mexico [...]

Sighted Recently: Blue-footed Booby2009-08-26T18:31:53-04:00