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Young Birder Blog Birding #33

Wow. September brings migrating birds, exciting cold front fallouts, and exceedingly productive birding blogs. The results from the summer are in, flooding the pages with posts about fun summer camps, projects, and birding excursions, followed closely by fall, with new birds and weekend trips.

Young Birder Blog Birding #332014-10-31T13:00:27-04:00

Book Review: How To Do Ecology

I’ve often heard that there are two career options for young birders: go into ecology or biology and spend your working hours birding, or go into a more profitable field and use your spare time to bird.

Book Review: How To Do Ecology2014-10-21T10:37:47-04:00

What to Do When You Feel Under the Weather at Bird Camp

Imagine you are at a bird camp. Camp Chiricahua, for instance. Maybe this year. Maybe even this week. You are having lots of fun making new friends, seeing lots of cool birds, and traveling to all sorts of awesome places. But with all this activity and excitement, you start wearing yourself down.

What to Do When You Feel Under the Weather at Bird Camp2014-08-06T11:47:25-04:00

Young Birder Blog Birding #26

What a winter! Intense cold in the Midwest, drought in California, and a heat wave in Alaska, of all places. Did I mention the cold?

Young Birder Blog Birding #262014-02-25T11:11:50-05:00

Birding in Wilderness

Few birders immerse themselves outside on extended trips into the wilderness, even though we do love the natural world. Although we work to preserve habitat for birds, we rarely visit large swaths of habitat, no matter how close they are to our backyards.

Birding in Wilderness2014-02-18T12:28:17-05:00

Larkwire Master Birder: Water Birds of North America

Earlier this year, I reviewed the Larkwire Master Birder Land Birds iPhone app, which covers 344 birds out of 700+ breeders in North America. A substantial number of the other North American bird species (another 135, with little overlap), is covered by Larkwire’s newest app, entitled Larkwire Master Birder: Water Birds.

Larkwire Master Birder: Water Birds of North America2013-06-03T14:49:00-04:00

Learning and Birding at Conserve School

When I first arrived at Conserve School in northern Wisconsin, I knew that seeing a Black-capped Chickadee, one of my favorite birds, was a good omen.

Learning and Birding at Conserve School2013-03-25T11:17:00-04:00

Larkwire Master Birder: An iPhone App review

Learning birdsong used to be a challenging endeavor. Before the days of recordings and field guides, the only way to learn bird songs was to track down the bird and ID it.

Larkwire Master Birder: An iPhone App review2013-01-21T12:52:48-05:00
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