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College Birding

College, a much feared and anticipated life stage to teenage birders. Rumors fly. There's no time for birding; everyone quits when they start college, distracted by academics, girls, and beer. Are these terrible stories the truth? Yes, for [...]

College Birding2011-05-07T19:50:01-04:00

Whoo Lurks in the Night?

by Shyloh A. van Delft   I first learned that owls could be called in with recordings last fall while attending Doug Tarry's Young Ornithologists Workshop at Long Point, Ontario. Six kids had been accepted [...]

Whoo Lurks in the Night?2011-05-20T22:59:34-04:00

Do You eBird?

  Panting from a hard run, I burst into my dorm room and flopped in front of my laptop. Simultaneously wiping the sweat from my forehead and switching on my Muse playlist, I navigated to [...]

Do You eBird?2011-05-29T23:34:41-04:00