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Same Place, Same Birds, Same Old?

American Crow. Boring--or is it? “To be a good birder, you have to bird a lot.” This grain of wisdom flows straight from the pen (or keyboard, as the case may be) of Pete Dunne read more >>

Same Place, Same Birds, Same Old?2011-07-09T19:19:04-04:00

The Filth of Twitching

Like any true-blue young birder, I cannot fathom rising after five on a weekend. It was not surprising, then, that the dawn found me wandering the trails of the flood control basin near my home, read more >>

The Filth of Twitching2011-06-28T23:13:54-04:00

Young Butterfliers

Chryxus Arctic (Oeneis chryxus) I am jealous of you. Because, assuming you're a young birder, it is quite likely that you will embark on some young birder camp or another (Chiricahua, Tejano, Colorado, or Lower Rio Grande Valley, pick read more >>

Young Butterfliers2011-06-15T23:59:15-04:00

Do You eBird?

  Panting from a hard run, I burst into my dorm room and flopped in front of my laptop. Simultaneously wiping the sweat from my forehead and switching on my Muse playlist, I navigated to read more >>

Do You eBird?2011-05-29T23:34:41-04:00

Whoo Lurks in the Night?

by Shyloh A. van Delft   I first learned that owls could be called in with recordings last fall while attending Doug Tarry's Young Ornithologists Workshop at Long Point, Ontario. Six kids had been accepted read more >>

Whoo Lurks in the Night?2011-05-20T22:59:34-04:00

College Birding

College, a much feared and anticipated life stage to teenage birders. Rumors fly. There's no time for birding; everyone quits when they start college, distracted by academics, girls, and beer. Are these terrible stories the truth? Yes, for read more >>

College Birding2011-05-07T19:50:01-04:00

Tale of the Twenty-Eleven Tropicbirds

  By Maia Paddock The setting: upper Texas Coast. The time: mid-April. The team:  Ethan Gyllenhaal, hailing from Chicago; Sarah Toner, who adds to the large troop of Michigan birders; Galen Frank-Bishop, emerging from Middle of read more >>

Tale of the Twenty-Eleven Tropicbirds2011-04-26T10:55:40-04:00

Tropicbirds 2011!

 A subset (L-R Andy Johnson, Marcel Such, Harold Eyster) of the 2010 ABA GTBC Tropicbirds team demonstrating some raw, primitive birding at the Jasper Fish Hatchery.  They are poised to strike. In less than two weeks, four talented read more >>

Tropicbirds 2011!2011-04-06T21:56:17-04:00

The Art of Joel Such

Hold on a minute--who is Joel Such? I don't think I ever warned you about this post. Well, Joel is a twelve year-old young birder who lives with his parents, older birder-brother Marcel, and energetic border read more >>

The Art of Joel Such2011-03-25T11:51:27-04:00

The Eyrie and You

Know what’s cool about The Eyrie? It’s a blog for young birders, by young birders. Note that “birders” is plural. The Eyrie is not a place for me to spew my personal ideas, opinions, and read more >>

The Eyrie and You2011-03-20T20:32:22-04:00
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