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Meet Featured Blogger Michelle Hamilton

Hi! My name is Michelle Hamilton, and I am a 15-year-old homeschooler, and thrilled to be one of the Eyrie's new Featured Bloggers. I live in a good-sized city in Georgia, so I see a [...]

Meet Featured Blogger Michelle Hamilton2013-09-16T11:01:57-04:00

Raising Bluebirds

A flash of blue wings dart across my path as I near the tree where my bluebird box is. As I near the box, I can see male sitting one branch over from the box, [...]

Raising Bluebirds2013-11-05T13:17:26-05:00


Most people have seen hummingbirds at least once in their lifetime, but how much do you really know about them? Hummingbirds are an incredibly diverse group. They belong to the family Trochilidae, and includes the [...]