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Meet Student Blog Editor Lucas Bobay!

My name is Lucas Bobay, and I am excited to be joining The Eyrie’s wonderful team. I am a 17-year old birder from Holly Springs, North Carolina, a town outside Raleigh.  North Carolina is a [...]

Meet Student Blog Editor Lucas Bobay!2013-09-12T11:48:46-04:00

Young Birder Blog Birding #35

November has truly been "Novembird" for much of the ABA area, with a smattering of great birds spread across the region. The grip of winter is finally beginning to take its hold. Lucky for us, [...]

Young Birder Blog Birding #352014-12-05T12:22:35-04:00

Young Birder Blog Birding #22

Fall has arrived across North America, and our birdlife has shifted with the weather.  Several interesting blog posts from fellow young birders this month are certainly worth checking out: Prairie Birder shares her month-long experience bird [...]

Young Birder Blog Birding #222013-11-01T10:48:46-04:00

Book Review: Petrels, Albatrosses, and Storm-Petrels of North America

Tubenoses - well-adapted birds that spend most of their lives soaring over the open ocean - are shrouded in more mystery than any other group of birds. Not only are their habitats so inaccessible, but distinguishing between cryptic species makes them a true frontier for ornithologists and birders alike.

Book Review: Petrels, Albatrosses, and Storm-Petrels of North America2014-09-30T17:36:44-04:00

Young Birder Blog Birding #29

The end of May also brings the end of migration to much of North America. The birds are arriving on their breeding grounds, and many young birders (myself included) are finally catching up on their [...]

Young Birder Blog Birding #292014-05-31T16:36:49-04:00