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Meet Featured Blogger Jacob Gorneau!

Jacob Gorneau is an avid 15-year-old naturalist with a passion for birds and insects. He is a Ranger at Project Noah, where he is known as Jakubko or “J.” At Project Noah, he has suggested [...]

Meet Featured Blogger Jacob Gorneau!2013-09-19T10:32:05-04:00

Wildlife Ecology Research

Rensselaerville Falls, Huyck Preserve and Biological Research Station. July 13, 2014. What: Wildlife Ecology Research Program for high school students entering their Junior or Senior Year. Where: Huyck Preserve and Biological Research Station [...]

Wildlife Ecology Research2015-04-22T16:35:03-04:00

Mothing: The Nighttime Addiction

Note: Although this may not seem to be a relevant post on The Eyrie, I thought it would be a good idea to share the obsession that sparked my passion for the natural world as a [...]

Mothing: The Nighttime Addiction2015-03-18T10:49:24-04:00

Book Review: Ten Thousand Birds

Ten Thousand Birds: Ornithology Since Darwin, by Tim Birkhead, Jo Wimpenny, and Bob Montgomerie Princeton University Press, 2014 544 pages, $45.00 hardcover ABA Sales / Buteo Books How did today's birds come to be? How [...]

Book Review: Ten Thousand Birds2015-03-10T10:36:41-04:00

Young Birder Blog Birding #24

December marked the last of a very exciting year for birders, young and old(er!). With many of the late fall migrants finally settling into their wintering lands, the winter birding season has truly begun! Cedric [...]

Young Birder Blog Birding #242014-01-07T09:30:34-05:00

Bobolink Conservation

With a youthful, bouncy song, the Bobolink, Dolichonyx oryzivorus, never fails to bring a smile to the observer. Ferdinand Schuyler Mathews poetically described the song of the Bobolink in the Field Book of Wild Birds [...]

Bobolink Conservation2013-11-13T15:29:16-05:00

Picidae: The Drummers of the Woods

Keeping the beat of the woods with their percussive knocks, Picidae, the woodpeckers, are distinctive birds with long beaks well-adapted to forage for food.

Picidae: The Drummers of the Woods2014-03-05T11:25:36-05:00

Merlin: an iPhone Bird Identification App For Beginners

Merlin, the Cornell Lab of Ornithology's new bird identification application, is a seamless, quick way for beginners to identify birds on-the-go. Taking into account the bird's color and size, habitat, and time of year, the [...]

Merlin: an iPhone Bird Identification App For Beginners2014-03-27T09:51:43-04:00

Young Birder Blog Birding #31

July is often a difficult month for birders, but the month has come to an end. For many birds, breeding season is long gone and preparation for fall migration have begun.

Young Birder Blog Birding #312014-08-01T10:45:05-04:00