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Birding Online: February 2018

IOANA SERITAN Associate Editor, Birding magazine Welcome to Birding Online! From this page, all ABA members can access the extended online content from the February 2018 issue of Birding magazine. The complete issue, containing both print and online [...]

Birding Online: February 20182018-04-25T19:38:28-04:00

ABA Photo Quiz – Feb 2018

We don’t have lot of plumage pattern to hang an ID on in this drab bird. All that we can see of the body plumage is unrelieved grayish-brown, or brownish-gray. The lack of wing pattern also provides little in the way of clues: no wing bars, no ulnar bar, no distinct patch of pale coverts.

ABA Photo Quiz – Feb 20182019-01-17T16:12:12-04:00

ID Challenge #11

Waterbirds. They are among the first birds that we learn. Most are found in the open. Most are easy to identify. And most receive little attention after the first few years of birding.

ID Challenge #112018-01-26T18:34:46-04:00

ID Challenge #10

When dealing with a relatively uneventful bird such as this, it's best to return to the basics and focus on size and shape/structure. In this case, it's hard to make out the size for certain, but we can make a reasonable assumption from the twig that this is a fairly small bird.

ID Challenge #102018-01-26T18:36:52-04:00

ID Challenge #9

The challenging combination of dense vegetation and active birds can make bird identification tricky. In this case it's hard to make out a lot on this bird.

ID Challenge #92018-04-13T16:19:31-04:00

ABA Photo Quiz – Jan 2018

Ah, everybody’s favorite, a brown duck. Fortunately, despite many birders’ seeming thoughts that there aren’t, there are numerous useful ID characters presented in this photo that enable a quick solution to the quiz.

ABA Photo Quiz – Jan 20182018-01-09T20:50:25-04:00

ABA Bird of the Year 2018

Iiwi (Drepanis coccinea) Introduction by Nate Swick, ABA Blog editor Adult (left) and juvenile Iiwi, as depicted by our 2018 Bird of the Year artist H. Douglas Pratt With Hawaii’s inclusion in [...]

ABA Bird of the Year 20182018-12-27T14:32:48-04:00

Soft Spot

Sure, it’s great to look at feathers. But the “soft parts” of a bird—its eyes, bill, and feet—also provide essential ID cues. The bird in this issue’s Featured Photo is instantly recognizable to many [...]

Soft Spot2018-01-05T17:49:44-04:00

ID Challenge #8

There are not that many birds with a bright yellow throat, bright yellow lores, and heavily patterned brown and black upperparts.

ID Challenge #82018-01-26T14:24:47-04:00

ID Challenge #7

Now these two birds are walking around, but what are they?

ID Challenge #72018-01-26T14:24:35-04:00