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August 2020 Photo Quiz

In bird ID, it is not finding a single character in the field guide that matches what you saw that enables correct ID, it is ruling out ALL OTHER species that share that character, even a semblance of that character.

August 2020 Photo Quiz2020-08-18T13:42:35-04:00

Free Digital Collection of “Missing” Southeast Arizona Bird Vocalizations

SEAZ Birds: The Missing Tracks is a 117-track, 75-species, five-disc digital collection. It includes regular species with missing calls (such as Crissal Thrasher), regional specialties and subspecies (such as Elegant Trogon), rare birds (such as Rufous-capped Warbler), and long-expected state-firsts not yet on the Arizona Checklist (such as Rusty Sparrow).

Free Digital Collection of “Missing” Southeast Arizona Bird Vocalizations2020-08-11T13:55:58-04:00

July 2020 Photo Quiz

What do we do with this boring brown bird? We cannot even see the head! Tony Leukering walks us through how to identify this bird.

July 2020 Photo Quiz2020-07-20T15:15:37-04:00

SEAZ Birds: The Missing Tracks, Disc 1

Disk 1: Quail to Hummingbirds by Diana Doyle ⇐ Click the ZIP icon to download the entire disc 1 set, with liner notes (11.8MB .zip file). This album of the “missing tracks” read more >>

SEAZ Birds: The Missing Tracks, Disc 12020-08-17T14:13:26-04:00

35 X 25

The Tale of an Epic Big Sit in a Tiny Back Yard

Stuck at home for the entire spring migration, Greg Neise documents the birds flying through, around, and over his 35-foot-by-25-foot brick patio. Even if you're confined to a small urban swelling during this time of COVID-19, there is still birding to be had.

35 X 252020-07-16T11:12:01-04:00
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