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July 2020 Photo Quiz

What do we do with this boring brown bird? We cannot even see the head! Tony Leukering walks us through how to identify this bird.

July 2020 Photo Quiz2020-07-20T15:15:37-04:00

SEAZ Birds: The Missing Tracks, Disc 1

Disk 1: Quail to Hummingbirds by Diana Doyle ⇐ Click the ZIP icon to download the entire disc 1 set, with liner notes (11.8MB .zip file). This album of the “missing tracks” read more >>

SEAZ Birds: The Missing Tracks, Disc 12020-08-17T14:13:26-04:00

35 X 25

The Tale of an Epic Big Sit in a Tiny Back Yard

Stuck at home for the entire spring migration, Greg Neise documents the birds flying through, around, and over his 35-foot-by-25-foot brick patio. Even if you're confined to a small urban swelling during this time of COVID-19, there is still birding to be had.

35 X 252020-07-16T11:12:01-04:00

June 2020 Photo Quiz

A bird flying by… Better get the binocular on it before it’s out of sight! The bird might immediately strike one as a passerine or, at least, not any of the non-passerines – you know, all those birds at the front half of the taxonomy/field guide, many of which are waterbirds of various sorts.

June 2020 Photo Quiz2020-06-16T18:00:21-04:00

A Birding Interview with J. Drew Lanham

"Please don’t tell a person of color you don’t see color. That’s insulting. After all, most birders spend lots of time seeing color—otherwise a Red-winged Blackbird and a Snow Bunting wouldn’t be so beautifully different. So, see the color. Respect the face. Get to know me inside. The rest will fall into place."

A Birding Interview with J. Drew Lanham2020-06-05T11:11:03-04:00

North American Birds V71 No 1

Your Content Goes Here MICHAEL L. P. RETTER Editor, North American Birds It is with great excitement that I write this as the new editor of North American Birds. I also write read more >>

North American Birds V71 No 12020-07-09T17:01:54-04:00

May 2020 Photo Quiz

This quiz bird has a plethora of useful field marks, so the fact that we are looking at the south end of a north-bound bird should be alleviated somewhat.

May 2020 Photo Quiz2020-05-18T12:10:27-04:00

April 2020 Photo Quiz

I find that many birders don’t really learn most of the plumage features of really distinctive species, such as American Avocet, Belted Kingfisher, and Northern Cardinal. Each of these species has quite a few features that can enable identification...

April 2020 Photo Quiz2020-04-20T18:38:19-04:00
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