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Birding Online: October 2020

The ABA continues to strive to promote equity, diversity, and inclusion in birding and in the environmental movement in general: We welcome you to participate by sharing your knowledge and experiences via the ABA’s various media channels...

Birding Online: October 20202020-09-24T11:44:05-04:00

The data behind mysterious bird deaths in New Mexico

When we arrived at midnight, we found a macabre scene. Several hundred Violet-green Swallows were strewn across the bank of the Rio Grande. Dozens of birds had stuffed themselves into the few natural cavities, and many more were dead amongst the vegetation.

The data behind mysterious bird deaths in New Mexico2020-09-18T14:07:12-04:00

September 2020 Photo Quiz

A distant bird on a treetop can be difficult to identify. Distance takes away most, if not all, of the features that we generally use to ID individual birds, leaving us with only gross patterns of dark and light, particularly on this quiz bird.

September 2020 Photo Quiz2020-09-16T19:07:40-04:00

Hurricane Laura Report

Weather, and its effects on birds, has long been a key point of focus for many birders. There is perhaps one weather-related birding event, however, that piques birders’ interests more than any other...

Hurricane Laura Report2020-09-15T17:27:14-04:00

August 2020 Photo Quiz

In bird ID, it is not finding a single character in the field guide that matches what you saw that enables correct ID, it is ruling out ALL OTHER species that share that character, even a semblance of that character.

August 2020 Photo Quiz2020-08-18T13:42:35-04:00

Free Digital Collection of “Missing” Southeast Arizona Bird Vocalizations

SEAZ Birds: The Missing Tracks is a 117-track, 75-species, five-disc digital collection. It includes regular species with missing calls (such as Crissal Thrasher), regional specialties and subspecies (such as Elegant Trogon), rare birds (such as Rufous-capped Warbler), and long-expected state-firsts not yet on the Arizona Checklist (such as Rusty Sparrow).

Free Digital Collection of “Missing” Southeast Arizona Bird Vocalizations2020-08-11T13:55:58-04:00
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