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October 2019 Photo Quiz

Is this an ugly quiz photo, or what! The quiz bird seems to have few field marks, particularly as most of the head and underparts are not depicted, but I guarantee that it is identifiable to species.

October 2019 Photo Quiz2019-10-16T15:58:31-04:00

ABA Rally Minnesota & North Dakota 2020

June 6-15, 2020
$3,240.00 – $3,720.00

Come North with us and enjoy birding Minnesota’s boreal forest, the pothole wetlands of North Dakota and the vast prairies in between. Working with the Partnership for International Birding, we’ve arranged an itinerary that will allow us to take in these iconic natural landscapes at the peak of bird breeding activity.
ABA Rally Minnesota & North Dakota 20202019-10-15T16:46:56-04:00

Identification of North American Peeps

The peeps, common slang for the five smallest North American sandpipers, tend to create more identification headaches than the rest of the shorebirds put together.

Identification of North American Peeps2019-10-05T16:46:20-04:00

ABA Rally: Oaxaca – March 2020

March 22-31, 2020
$3,965.00 – $4,715.00

Our trip will cover two major areas–the Valley of Oaxaca and the Pacific Coast–and their surrounding mountains. Being based in just two comfortable hotels will allow us to see much of what makes this region special without an endless succession of lodging changes.
ABA Rally: Oaxaca – March 20202019-10-07T19:25:24-04:00

Status & Distribution: the Most Under-used ID Feature

This feature is not something that is only just coming to light, nor is it related to the introduction of digital cameras, nor is it due to the internet—although the internet has enabled a more thorough understanding of it. This incredible identification feature is temporal likelihood, aka time of year.

Status & Distribution: the Most Under-used ID Feature2019-10-04T13:32:32-04:00

The Sole of Birding: Footwear

From flip-flops to mountaineering boots, what you have on your feet will make, or break, your birding day.

The Sole of Birding: Footwear2019-10-03T22:31:03-04:00

Primer: Clothing & Layering

This article is about layering, or clothing oneself in such a way as to stay comfortable and safe throughout the varied and often temperamental climates in which we love (or dread) to bird.

Primer: Clothing & Layering2019-10-03T22:04:34-04:00

Analyzing Nocturnal Flight Calls

The fascinating nocturnal world of migrants is out there just waiting for you to experience and record. What will your first recording be?

Analyzing Nocturnal Flight Calls2019-10-03T22:01:50-04:00

Smartphone Audio Recording

Making and sharing audio recordings is a piece of cake. It’s as easy, literally, as pressing a button on your smartphone.

Smartphone Audio Recording2019-10-03T22:02:21-04:00