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The Bird We Always–Never Knew

The Mexican Duck, Anas [platyrhynchos] diazi, is considered by the American Ornithological Society and the ABA to be a subspecies, but many ornithologists believe it probably warrants full-species rank. This article reviews the basic natural history and field identification of this little-known member of the ABA Area’s avifauna.

The Bird We Always–Never Knew2020-07-08T15:49:51-04:00

Mexican Duck Photo Essay

The Mexican Duck, Anas platyrhynchos diazi, was recognized as a full species (then A. diazi) until the American Ornithological Society (AOS; then AOU) merged it with the Mallard (AOU 1983), largely based on data from Hubbard (1977). However, recent genetic studies strongly suggest that the Mexican Duck should be returned to full species status. These photos are intended to provide a realistic overview of the challenge of identifying Mexican Ducks in the ABA Area.

Mexican Duck Photo Essay2021-02-22T19:33:23-05:00
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