Arkansas & Louisiana: Summer 2017

Summer 2017: 1 Jun–31 Jul

Paul Conover (LA)

Kenny Nichols (AR)

Recommended citation:

Conover, P., and Nichols, K. 2021. Summer 2017: Arkansas & Louisiana. < American Birds.

Seasonal highlights include Broad-billed Hummingbird, Sooty Tern, and Sooty Shearwater.

Significance for Arkansas records is based on Arkansas Birds, their distribution and abundance (James and Neal 1986) and the Arkansas Audubon Society (AAS) online bird record database (for records since 1986). The significance of Louisiana records is based on trends derived from the database of bird record cards submitted to and archived at the Louisiana State University Museum of Natural Science (LSUMNS); records are taken from rare bird reports submitted to the Louisiana Bird Records Committee (LBRC) and to the Louisiana birding listserv (LABIRD).

Contributors (subregional editors in boldface):

Leif Anderson, Dick Baxter, Bill Beall (BBe), Toka Beall, Bill Burnham (BBu), Judy Butler, Terry Butler, Paul E. Conover (Louisiana), Jeffrey Cothern, Robert C. Dobbs, Cindy Franklin, Evylen Good, Glenn Good, Bob Harden, Tony Heindel, Timothy Jones, Michael Linz, Charles Lyon, Joe Marty (JMa), Delos McCauley, Charles Mills, Jen Mortensen, Allan Mueller, Joe Neal, Kenny Nichols (Arkansas), LaDonna Nichols, Mitchell Pruitt, Joan Reynolds, Randy Robinson, Terry Stanfill, Rhonda Townsend, Glenn Wyatt, Michelle Wyatt.

Abbreviations: County and parish names are italicized. Identifying state abbreviations are used in the accounts only in the first mention of a place/county/parish name unless confusion is otherwise unavoidable.

Waterfowl through Shearwaters

Uncommon but increasing in Arkansas, nine Black-bellied Whistling-Ducks were counted at Joe Hogan State Fish Hatchery, Lonoke 14 Jul (CF, BBu). A White-cheeked Pintail unexpectedly captured in a banding operation at Rockefeller Wildlife Refuge, Cameron, LA on 25 Jul (JMa) was living a wild life along the Gulf Coast, but its origins are clouded by the presence of many of its species held in waterfowl collections. Rare and local, an Inca Dove was spotted at the Lake Chicot City Boat Ramp, Chicot, AR 23 Jun (ML, AM, LA). Just the third for Arkansas, a Broad-billed Hummingbird was photographed visiting a feeder in Arkadelphia, Clark 7-9 July (GG, EG). Rare and very local in Arkansas, two King Rails were photographed at Bundrick Farms, Lafayette 17 July (CL). Very rare in the summer season, two Sandhill Cranes were photographed east of Paragould, Greene, AR 14 Jun (TJ). An impressive 150 Black-necked Stilts were counted 8 Jul at Bald Knob NWR, White, AR (TB, JB); just as impressive so far north and east, 36 were counted on the Lafe BBS Route, Greene 7 Jun (LA). Rare but annual, a southbound Piping Plover was photographed 13 Jul at Camp Nine Farm, Desha, AR (DB). Uncommon and local, nine Buff-breasted Sandpipers at West-Ark Sod Farms, Crawford, AR were a bit early 28 Jul (JN, BBe, TB). Just the tenth for the state, a Sooty Tern photographed at Bois D’Arc Lake, Hempstead, AR 23 Jun (BH) was most likely a result of Tropical Storm Cindy. A Forster’s Tern at Bald Knob NWR, White 3 Jul was about a week early (GW, MW). A Common Loon was observed on Bull Shoals Lake, Marion, AR 7 Jun (TH). This species is occasionally recorded during the summer season. Only Louisiana’s second documented record for the species, a Sooty Shearwater was spotted from shore at Whiskey Island, Terrebonne on 15 June (RCD); photographs confirmed the ID.       

Cormorants through Warblers

Rare but increasing in Arkansas, two Neotropic Cormorants were photographed at Bald Knob NWR, White 7-8 Jul (ML, RR, RT ph.); a single was identified at SWEPCO Lake, Benton 6 & 30 Jul (JN, TS, MP). Rare but annual in Arkansas, a Tricolored Heron was photographed south of Pine Bluff, Jefferson 1 Jul (DM). Rare so far north, an immature White Ibis was observed north of Olyphant, Jackson, AR 4 Jun (K&LN). Perhaps just the second for Monroe, AR, an impressive 12 Roseate Spoonbills were at Dagmar WMA 25 Jul (JC). Rare and very local during the nesting season, three Swainson’s Hawks were observed at Chesney Prairie Natural Area, Benton 24 Jun (JN, JR). Willow Flycatcher is a rare and local breeder in areas of  remnant prairie. One observed south of Centerton, Benton 1 Jun appeared to be on territory (JN). Rare but regular in Arkansas, two Cave Swallows were at Millwood Lake, Hempstead 23 Jun (CM) while three were photographed at Camp Nine Farms, Desha 9 Jul (DB). Rare and local, two Swainson’s Warblers were photographed at Pond Creek NWR, Sevier, AR 4 Jul (CL). A Cape May Warbler at Peveto Woods, Cameron, LA on 2 Jun was late (PEC). A single Cerulean Warbler on the Hatfield BBS Route, Polk, AR 12 Jun (LA) was unexpected for the Ouachita Mountains; an impressive 10 were counted on Whitney Mountain, Benton 2 Jun (JN, JM). Yellow Warblers are rare and very local breeders in Arkansas; one was observed on the Lafe BBS Route, Greene 7 Jun and two were counted the next day on the Wilson BBS Route, Mississippi (both LA).    

Report processed by Randi Minetor, 12 Feb 2021.