Cedar Waxwing, 2020 ABA Bird of the Year

Birding brings us joy and diversion and good clean fun even in the best of times.

The past year has shown us with new urgency how birding can be a real lifeline, a refuge and a tonic for troubled minds, weary hearts, and tired bodies. All of us have had to adapt to the global pandemic. We’ve lost jobs, we’ve lost loved ones, and we’ve lost many of the basic routines and simple pleasures on which we have depended.

The ABA has risen to the challenges of 2020, adapting to provide inspiration to new audiences whose eyes have been opened to the wonder of birds.

And we’ve done these things even as many of our traditional revenue streams have run dry. The ABA has always been about the community of birders and the shared joy of this most wonderful of avocations. Thank you again not only for being part of the ABA family, but also for stepping up and playing a key role. Here’s to a new year of wider and brighter horizons and days filled with the joy that only birding brings.

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