Multimedia bird artist Megan Massa is the latest artist to create the Bird of the Year cover art, an auspicious list that includes David Sibley, Julie Zickefoose, and Louise Zemaitis, among others. Her experiences have run the gamut from the hobby side of birding to birds research to art and her creation, a Red-billed Tropicbird soaring over a boat full of birders will be featured on the cover of the February 2019 issue of Birding magazine. It’s the first Bird of the Year work to exist completely in a digital realm, a fascinating process that allowed Megan to add some cool artistic easter eggs. She joins me to talk bird art, research and the needs of college-aged birders.

Plus, a good-bye to the Iiwi, a bird that asked all of us to learn a little more about Hawaiian native birds.

Thanks to the Space Coast Birding Festival for sponsoring this episode. We’ll be there! Will you?

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