Birding Online: December 2022

November 15th, 2022|

In the December 2022 issue of Birding magazine, we follow Black Swifts on their nighttime flights, enjoy the awe-inspiring work of young birders, learn about tern identification on Florida beaches, and more.

North American Birds: Vol. 73, No. 1

June 15th, 2022|

This issue of NAB prominently features an in-depth look and reanalysis of plumage aberrations by Hein van Grouw, a widely renowned expert on the topic. NAB Regional Report Publication Editor Randi Minetor summarizes and explains the recent blitzkrieg of Limpkins across the southeastern United States. Chrissy Kondrat, who studies Bendire’s Thrashers professionally, offers her tips for identifying them in the field.

Rare Bird Alert: November 18, 2022

November 18th, 2022|

I was in Texas last week for the Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival and thus, not able to put together a roundup. I appreciate your patience and hope you enjoy this week's edition, full to bursting with two weeks worth of notable birds. The number of state and provincial 1sts to document today is quite long, but read more >>

No. 24: Birds and Directions

May 17th, 2022|

Birders are pretty good at giving directions. Except when we’re not. But mostly we are! Just think of all the times we give exacting, ultraprecise instructions on which branch the Cerulean Warbler is singing from. Or which rock next to 100 other rocks is actually not a rock and is...

Hurricane Fiona Report 2022

October 11th, 2022|

Hurricane Fiona tore through the West Indies before heading north all the way to Canada’s Atlantic Region, where it was the strongest recorded storm for the latitude. It brought with it Canada’s first Trindade Petrels, as well as Sooty and Bridled terns, White-tailed Tropicbird, Black-capped Petrel, and Magnificent Frigatebird.

The Excellent, Exceptional, Elegant Estrildids

November 29th, 2022|

The title of this book might not immediately grab the attention of those who don’t delve much into taxonomy, but the cover image will. Indeed, the photograph of a Zebra Waxbill represents the indisputable visual appeal that many members of the family of estrildid finches hold. It is that beauty...

Celebrating the 2022 ABA Award Winners: Peter Pyle, Holly Merker, Ted Floyd, and Nate Swick

November 22nd, 2022|

On behalf of the ABA Board of Directors and staff, the ABA Awards Committee is delighted to announce the winners of the 2022 ABA Awards. This year, the ABA Awards Committee is happy to recognize one recipient of the ABA Lifetime Achievement Award, also called “The Tropicbird,” one recipient of the Award for Conservation and Education, and two recipients of the Award for Distinguished Service. ABA Awards are given to birders who have done exceptional work in promoting the cause of birding.

2022 Mid-Year ABA Checklist Update

By |August 9th, 2022|

The 2022 mid-year update of the ABA Checklist has been posted. It adds 5 new species:
Bat Falcon, Red-Masked Parakeet, Lilac-crowned Parrot, Rufous-tailed Rock-Thrush, Chihuahuan Meadowlark.

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