Current Giveaway!

We’ve accumulated A LOT of books and merchandise, taking up far too much space at our headquarters. We want to get these items into your hands, so they can be put to good use!

Once a week we’ll draw a name from our current membership and send out an item. If you’d like to take part in these drawings, just sign in to your account, locate the following “ABA Giveaways” checkbox on the screen, and submit!

ABA Giveaway Recipients
Marie and Gregory D – Alameda, CA (Book: Peterson Guide to Bird Identification―in 12 Steps)
Stephanie and Robert M – Newark, DE (Book: Peterson Guide to Bird Identification―in 12 Steps)
Chris and Leanne M – Pasadena, CA (Book: How to Know the Birds)
Jason S – Waynesboro PA (Book: How to Know the Birds)
Simon C – Lakewood, WA (ABA Contigo travel mug)
Arthur C – Highlands Ranch, CO (Book: Birdpedia)
Anne H – Urbana, IL (Book: Birdpedia)
Cecelia D – Saint Petersburg, FL (Book: Birdpedia)
Paula T – Richmond, BC (Book: Birdpedia)
Kathleen D – Rochester, NY (Book: Birdpedia)