In partnership with Tropical Birding Tours, we invite you to join the ABA Ecuador Birding Bash!

Ecuador is one of the world’s biodiversity hotspots, with an enormous bird list of 1600+ species despite being only about the size of Colorado. The reason for this extreme number is that Ecuador sits in the tropics, right on the equator (the country name is the Spanish word for equator), and contains a huge variety of habitats and birding areas. Its most prominent geological feature is the Andes, which form a central spine down the country. The Andes will be the focus of the Birding Bash, and there will be a variety of extensions available throughout Ecuador before and after.

Golden Tanager is quite common in several of the sites we visit. © Nick Athanas

The main event is ten days long and covers some of the most famous birding sites in the Andes of Ecuador, including the lush cloudforests of the legendary Tandayapa Valley and the dramatic high-mountain sites of Papallacta and Antisana where Andean Condors roam effortlessly on the wing. A variety of other superb locations feature, where hummingbird feeders attract a dizzying variety of shimmering species, and well-stocked fruit tables can attract anything from toucans to tanagers. If you only ever come to Ecuador once, this is a tour that will satisfy that hunger. This tour is open to birders of all levels, from first-timers to seasoned experts, and there will be photography-focused groups as well.

When: July 14–23, 2021

Where: Quito, Equador

How Much: $3490

Single Supplement: $560.00