You are part of a special community that shares a passion for birding and the joy that it brings.

Your support is critical to funding strategic initiatives that advance our mission to inspire all people to enjoy and protect wild birds. Cultivating the next generation is one of these strategic initiatives. 

We know that ABA young birder programs benefit our children because we have watched with pride as they have grown. Chris Sloan wrote for the ABA’s A Bird’s Eye View when he was a teenager, and now he is our corporate secretary. Jordan Rutter was Young Birder of the Year in 2002, and now she is the Director of Public Relations for the American Bird Conservancy. Two years later Noah Strycker won the award, and he went on to become an author and set a World Big Year record. Andrew Guttenberg attended two ABA young birder conferences, and now his bird art adorns books and journals, including two covers of Birding. The list of accomplished members of the birding community who were mentored by the ABA’s young birder programs is long. We can draw a straight line between these programs and lives devoted to bird enjoyment, conservation, science, writing, and art. Your support of the ABA made this possible! 

The ABA plans to build on this success by expanding our youth programs. Our Young Birders Program Coordinator, Laura Guerard, has just launched The Fledgling, which is produced by and designed for young birders. This year’s participants in our Young Birder of the Year Mentoring Program include 51 children and 18 mentors. A half-dozen of these mentors were ABA young birders themselves, and now they are helping fledge the next generation. We have had decades of great success with our youth birding camps. Camp Colorado and Camp Delaware Bay are sold out again this summer. Our vision for ABA youth camps includes “more”: more places and more scholarships. More camps means more children can participate. More places means that children can be closer to home, easing travel concerns. More scholarships means we can reach underserved communities, broadening the constituency that cares about the birds. The ABA plans to open a third youth camp in the Summer of 2023 as the first step in this expansion. 

During this Nesting Season, please support the ABA with your gift. Your generosity will ripple into the future as the young birders whose lives you touch today grow into the birding community of tomorrow. Our children, our birds, and our world will be better for it.