We’re back to the Bird of the Year basics for 2020–Cedar Waxwing! While the past two ABA Birds of the Year have been extremely range restricted (Iiwi 2018) or a vagrant to the ABA Area (Red-billed Tropicbird 2019), the 2020 Bird of the Year is truly a bird of the people. The Cedar Waxwing is an exquisite example of North American birddom and a favorite of so many birders in the US, Canada, and beyond. We chose it, in part, because they are known for flocking and sharing, two wonderful characteristics of the North American birding community. And to illustrate these perennial crowd-pleasers, we are fortunate to have multimedia artist Tony Fitzpatrick. Tony’s work has been featured in major American museums and on the covers of roots albums. He is every bit as gregarious as a Cedar Waxwing, as you’ll see in this interview with host Nate Swick from this year’s Bird of the Year reveal party in Tony’s hometown of Chicago, Illinois.

Also, Nate tells a story of nostalgia for people who inspire our birding and places that it takes us.

Thanks to Vortex Optics for sponsoring this episode and the Bird of the Year reveal party.

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